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Tasks panel: scheduled screen recording. Task queue

In the task queue there is the following information about the scheduled or already fulfilled tasks:

Task name

Task name is shown for the tasks if their titles were inserted. If a custom name wasn't provided, the names will be untitled with a numerics postfix added (i.e. Task #1).

Task start and stop time

The date of the beginning and finish of a task is shown in format. The time of a task corresponds to the time set on the machine.


Depending on the progress of the task its status value can be one of the following:

Countdown – the countdown shows the time remaining until the start of the task in the dd:hh:mm:ss format.

In progress – task is currently being executed.

Failed – there was an error during the scheduled screen recording and the final output video wasn't saved.

Completion – task is being consolidated and will be saved shortly.

Complete – task was successfully fulfilled.


Clicking the folder icon opens the folder containing the recording file for the task with the focus on it.


There is a recycle bin icon for each task in the last column of the Tasks table. You can click this icon to delete this particular task from the list.

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