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Overview. Program’s Features

Video Capturing

Icecream Screen Recorder allows users to capture streaming video, desktop, gaming sessions, and any other on-screen activities and save the output files in WebM, MP4, AVI and MOV formats. The program lets to pause, resume and stop the process at any time, draw on screen, select the desired resolution of the videos. It also offers a number of useful configuration options.

Screenshot taking

The application lets taking screenshots of a full screen or a certain section of it. Users can either save the files as JPG or PNG images, copy them to clipboard or share screenshots as URLs.


Icecream Screen Recorder supports editing and commenting on the videos and screenshots by using the drawing and text tools. Users can type or draw over the captured video or image to highlight, mark out or add some information. Icecream Screen Recorder also provides users with such tools as step tool, brush, rectangle, circle, arrow and text.

Active Desktop

Users can activate the desktop during screen capturing or screenshot taking using 'Switch' button and use it in a habitual way. Thus, users can easily switch between windows, tabs and folders, open new programs, etc.

Sound Recording

The program successfully records both system and microphone sounds. To record system sounds, tweak the balance and volume settings and allow Icecream Screen Recorder to capture video and audio simultaneously. It’s also possible to use a mic to comment on a video that’s being captured.

Pause and resume screen recording

It’s possible to pause video capturing at any moment to add extra elements, do the editing, change the background, etc. After that, users can resume the process and it will be continued from the exact point it was stopped at.

Full Screen Game Recording

Those who record videogaming sessions will appreciate program’s ability to capture the video in a full screen mode. Thus, users can record the games without cropping any panels, which is very important for creating high quality gaming podcasts. Besides, the program lets recording the games with a sound and even comment on them while playing.


Icecream Screen Recorder offers a number of hotkey combinations for a higher convenience in use. There are default hotkeys that help to stop, pause, and resume a video, take a screenshot, copy it or save it as a URL, and many more. It’s possible to enter the desired key combinations manually if the default ones are not convenient enough or disable them completely.

Fast access from the icon in tray

Program’s icon will be added to the tray while being in use, and users can right click on it to get a quick access to basic options like video or screenshot modes, settings, etc. Thus, the process is controlled directly from the desktop.

File size and disk space limitations

The program lets setting file size and disk space limitations to prevent recording files that are too large in size and control the computer'sr resources. By setting these limitations, the program stops recording once the size of the file or the amount of free disk space exceeds the configured limit.

Hide mouse and highlight it

In certain cases, users may want to hide mouse cursor from the screen (for example while recording the games) or show and even highlight it (for various tutorials and reviews). Icecream Screen Recorder supports hiding or showing mouse cursor depending on the specific situation and also highlight it if needed.

Hide desktop icons

In case a user doesn’t want the desktop icons to be visible in the video, it's possible to choose a special option to hide them. After that, the program will capture everything except all the desktop icons.

Convenient sharing

The program offers two ways of sharing screenshots – saving them to buffer for posterior use or sharing images as URLs.

Scheduled recording

Icecream Screen Recorder supports scheduled screen capture. To initiate a scheduled recording simply enter the start and stop date and time in Tasks mode. The task will be initiated and finished automatically according to the entered time.

Zoom in/Zoom out

During the recording process users can use Zoom in and Zoom out tools to enlarge the captured area. The program supports x16 zooming of the initially selected area to record. Current zoom ratio is shown on the control panel.

Custom watermark

This screen recorder lets users add custom watermarks to the captured videos. Users can upload an image from their computers, select its opacity and position on the screen.

Step tool

Step tool is a great feature for those, who create instructions using this screen recording software. Select this tool and click the screen to add numbered markers to the captured video. Resetting the current stepping to start a new listing is available as well.

Display hotkeys used in the video

Thanks to this feature all the hotkey combinations with Ctrl or Ctrl+Shift pressed during the process of screen capture will be displayed in the output video.

Around mouse recording

This screen capture software offers around mouse recording mode: select the size of the recording area and it will remain the same while you move the mouse around the screen.

Fast selection of last recording area

In case there is a need to record a video of the same area as was used during the previous recording simply select the Last area recording mode to restore it.

Area auto detection

To select a certain element to be recorded easily there's an area auto detection recording mode. Hover the cursor within working in this mode over a window or other element located on your screen to select the area to be captured.

Webcam recording

Icecream Screen Recorder lets adding webcam image during the video capture process. The size of the webcam window can be customized and opened in full size of the recording area. The position of the webcam image can also be relocated within the selected area to be captured.

Area selection zoomer

Area selection zoomer is a magnifying glass enlarger that helps to closely preview the positions of the selected recording area borders. Hover the mouse cursor over the frames of the recording area to zoom in and check if it is really what is needed.

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