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Screenshot Mode. Select screenshot area

Icecream Screen Recorder offers 4 modes of the screenshot taking – custom area, fullscreen, last area and area auto detection. When hovering the mouse over the “Screenshot” button, the drop down list with available modes of area selection appears. When clicking the button – the custom area selection mode is selected by default.

Select custom area

After clicking the “Screenshot” button in the main window, a user can select an area of the screen to make a screenshot of. To do that, follow the same guidelines that were described earlier in the “Select recording area” section of the manual – toggle the frame over the screen and release it, choose the resolution (stretch the screenshot manually, choose one of the preset profiles, or type the desired values for width and height manually), and use the tools on the control panel that will be shown up near the selected area.

Select Fullscreen mode

Select this mode to take a screenshot of the whole screen area. If there are multiple monitors available then it will be possible to choose among the list of available screens.

Select Last area mode

This mode helps to select the same area for the screenshot that was last used by the user.

Select Area auto detection mode

This mode helps automatically detect the screenshot area. Select this mode and hover the mouse over a window to select the whole window or detached blocks (frames, banners, widgets, etc.). To apply the selection of the area click the F1 button or the orange logo of the program that is displayed next to the borders in the upper left corner of the recording area. Press ESC to cancel auto detection and return to the program's main screen.

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