Best Free Video Converters for Windows

Best Free Video ConvertersWatching TV series’, making videos using your phone or digital camera, downloading videos from the Internet – this all regularly leads to a huge amount of video files stored on your computer. Some formats are easily opened, while others turn out to be not that convenient to use. That’s when you get hit with the brilliant idea to convert all your video files to the most appropriate format for you in order to forget about all the possible struggles with their opening. If you are in such a position and you don’t know where to begin – the following review is right for you. This time we reviewed the best free video converters for Windows.

Any Video Converter
Any Video Converter is a free and nice-looking video converter with an in-built video player and DVD burner. It also supports downloading and converting videos from video hosting services, such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion and others. Before the conversion of an added file, users can clip it into several parts and even add visual effects to it. Addition of subtitles is supported as well. What concerns the variety of formats, you’ll be surprised in a good way, is Any Video Converter supports conversion to common video formats along with conversion for a whole bunch of devices like tablets, smartphones and more.
Best Free Video Converters: Any Video Converter

Format Factory
Format Factory is one of those old-school free video converters that everybody was using years ago and continues to do so today. It supports the conversion of a whole bunch of video formats such as MP4, MPG, AVI, FLV and plenty of others. Conversion for mobile devices is also offered in this program. Advanced settings can help you out with the right output file customization. Before the conversion it is possible to crop the file, which is a very convenient option. Merging of videos is another great feature to use in this program as well. In addition to all this, Format Factory can burn DVDs, CDs and create ISO files.
Best Free Video Converters: Format Factory

VSDC Video Converter
VSDC Video Converter is a nice looking video converter that supports output formats such as AVI, MPG, MOV, WMV, MKV, RM, SWF, FLV and plenty of others. It also allows a selection of formats to be supported by a wide variety of devices, like tablets, portable players and smartphones of different platforms. This video converter features an in-built video editor and disk burner. The interface is highly intuitive and it really is clear how to use all its offered functions and options.
Best Free Video Converters: VSDC Video Converter

Avidemux is a classic program to work with video, just like Format Factory. It can convert video files to the major video formats such as AVI, MP4, FLV, MPEG, MKV and OGM. The set of available output formats is not that impressive, but this video converter can also edit video files which is convenient. The interface is pretty outdated, but this program is sure to cope with your basic video conversion needs.
Best Free Video Converters: Avidemux

All the reviewed video converters are great, reliable programs. Some of them have an impressive amount of formats to offer, while others can help you with slight edits to the input files. Select the right program from this list to get the most of your video conversion process.

10 thoughts on “Best Free Video Converters for Windows

  1. Used Any Video converter now using Your’s Icecream Apps but can u update it so u can convert thing in 60 FPS and settings like that 😀

  2. I use Any Video Converter as my primary video converter

    I think it has everything you need as All-In-One software to convert, edit, upload, and download videos. All of these features for free totally.

    Only one thing might be uncomfortable when you want to convert more than one video into the same format/folder; then you have to set every single file settings, separately. You can’t select all files to set the same settings once. Regardless, Any Video Converter still the best for me.

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