Top 10 PDF Software of 2014

Top PDF Software of 2014Usually when it comes to working with PDF files, in the majority of cases it is a constant trouble. The format itself is very tricky as it doesn’t allow the document to be edited as it is. Not only will editing give you hard time, but even opening and viewing PDF files will be a hassle as this can only be done with special PDF readers that are not by default preinstalled on your computer. To split and merge PDF files you need a third type of program to avoid distortion of the formatting of the files you are working with. So, all in all, you need to know which program you need to use in specific cases when working with PDFs. To help you avoid catching viruses or installing useless software, we reviewed PDF software programs from the year 2014 and have created a top 10 list of PDF software to use. We divided the tools into categories so that it is easier to understand what each software program does in general.

Split & Merge PDF Tools

1. Icecream PDF Split & Merge
The first thing that you notice when you open this software is it is bright and pleasant to work with the interface. When using this program you don’t have a feeling that you are working on Windows 95 anymore like it does with similar programs. This software looks very modern and the interface is highly intuitive. With the help of Icecream PDF Split & Merge it is possible to both split and merge files. Switching between the modes can be done by clicking on the buttons in the upper left corner. You can split files in 4 ways: into single pages, by groups of pages, removing certain pages, and splitting by page ranges. A preview is available for the file you are splitting and all the files to be merged. Re-ordering PDF files to be merged in the right position can be done using the drag and drop mechanism or with the help of the Up and Down arrows on the right. Selection of the output folder is available for both split and merged files. The program not only detects if a file is protected by a password, but it also allows inserting it for proceeding work with password-protected PDF files.

We highly recommend this program for users who not only want to have a lot of features at their fingertips, but who also appreciate something nice to look at in the bright interface that is highly intuitive.
Icecream PDF Split & Merge

2. 7-PDF Split & Merge
This is an advanced program with plenty of useful features and settings but with a monstrous interface. It has 4 tabs: Split PDF Files, Merge PDF Files, Infos, and Extras. The last 2 tabs are just self-promotion so the working area only contains 2 tabs: one for splitting and another one for merging. Splitting is available in several ways: splitting into single pages, splitting even pages or splitting odd pages, splitting by page-ranges, by groups of pages or by the number of pages starting from a certain page. Selection of the output folder is also possible. As for merging, you can only add files, arrange them only by means of buttons (drag and drop is not supported), and select an output folder – that’s it. There is no preview of files available so besides this software you need to install a PDF reader to make sure you placed the files for merging in the right position. This also makes working with multiple files very uncomfortable.

Our verdict: 7-PDF Split & Merge is a program for those who need to complete very simple split and merge PDF tasks with a couple of files and who are ok using a very outdated interface.
7-PDF Split & Merge

3. PDF24 Creator
This is pretty much a nice looking software that can split and merge documents and is also capable of fulfilling a couple of other extra features. The program’s window is divided into 2 parts. On the left you can see your computer’s content in a tree structure and on the right there is a working area. On the right you will see PDF files that are located vertically one after another and all the pages of each document placed in a horizontal sequence. You can delete pages, split pages from the document, rotate certain pages, split selected documents, and convert images and text documents to PDF. Along with that there is a preview option, sending via email and fax features.

If you don’t need to bring any corrections to the pages’ content, PDF24 Creator is a really nice program for the splitting and merging of PDF files and the fast conversion of images and texts to PDF.
PDF24 Creator

4. PDF reDirect
PDF reDirect is a software for splitting and merging PDF files with a very ugly interface. It is understandable that free software shouldn’t look like eye candy, but this is really something you will use as and when needed and will delete it right away after the completion of the needed actions. This program is capable of deleting pages and splitting and merging PDF files. In addition to that it can password-protect files and stamp them.

This is a functioning and free program that really can split and merge PDF files, and can do it quickly. However, there are definitely analogs of this tool with a much better looking interface.
PDF reDirect<

PDF Converters

5. Bullzip PDF to Word Converter
This PDF to Word converter supports working with password-protected PDF files. The interface is reminiscent of Windows 95 again, unfortunately, and the functionality is a single type of conversion. However, this conversion task is completed, which is a great plus. There is not much you can actually customize here. You simply add a file and select the output folder, quality and the conversion timeout. If you select the non-default conversion mode in the Pro-Settings tab you can configure some extra settings of document. The program only recognizes the text of a PDF file, so if, for example, the first page is a picture, the first page of the converted file with Bullzip PDF to Word file will be blank.

Bullzip PDF to Word Converter will help you out if you are dealing with PDF documents containing only text and you need them to be turned into Doc files.
Bullzip PDF to Word Converter

6. doPDF
The one and only thing this software is capable of is the conversion of Doc files to PDF format. When you open the program the only thing you can do is select a Doc file. When it is done you can enjoy several settings such as the selection of the output folder and the quality of the PDF file. Basically, all you can do is select to embed fonts. Next you press ‘OK’ and your file will be converted very quickly from Doc to PDF. Although there are no advanced settings and functions, the program does what it promises.

doPDF will be your savior when you need to convert basic text documents into PDF format, but don’t expect a nice looking interface or any extras. You want to convert from format to format – it can only convert from format to format.

PDF Editors

7. Inkscape
Inkscape can help you to create whole paintings and save them as PDF files. You can select the size of the PDF file depending on your goals. It can be desktop size, the size of a DVD cover, a business card, standard A4 format and many more options. With this program you can add text, graphic elements, diagrams and much more to PDF files. Working with layers, adding filters and support for extensions makes this PDF editor one that is really advanced.

Inkscape is a great tool if you want to create a new PDF, especially one of non-standard size which contains not only standard text; plus it is an awesome PDF editor for current files.

8. PDFill PDF Editor
PDFill PDF Editor is one of those programs that can do everything you can imagine and even more. When you open this program you will immediately notice all sort of icons on toolbars at the top, at the bottom and on the 2 sides of the program’s window. You can easily work with formatting the document and set values for alignment, space, width and so on. It is possible to insert boxes, tables, text, and highlight text with all the possible means. Also, this program can delete, insert, rearrange and rotate pages of documents.

Our team likes programs like PDFill PDF Editor a lot. You only need to install one software that is perfectly capable of all sorts of things. Even if you don’t need them at this very moment, it is always nice to know that you can possibly use so many features upon demand.
PDFill PDF Editor

9. Foxit Reader
Foxit Reader is a great free software for reading, editing and creating PDF files. It is possible to add text, comments, notes, annotations, highlight or erase parts, work with layers and even more. It supports customizing security checking, quick sharing via email, Evernote or Facebook. Also, there is Foxit Cloud – an online storage of your PDF files that are opened or created with Foxit Reader. The interface is clear and is not overloaded with useless buttons; it reminds us of Microsoft Office, so working with Foxit Reader shouldn’t be a problem for its users.

We suggest you choose Foxit Reader for creating and editing documents because a lot of its functions are mostly to be applied in business goals.
Foxit Reader

10. SodaPDF
This is a whole suite for working with PDF files that can offer a lot to its users. With the help of this software you can open and edit PDF files and create new ones, convert PDF to doc, xls, html, txt, png, jpg and gif formats, add new pages to PDF documents, insert comments, stamps, stickers, graphic elements, forms and even password-protected files. Along with that, SodaPDF has another outstanding feature which is the OCR module. With its help, you can turn scanned pages with text into PDF files.

SodaPDF would be the perfect software for working with PDF if it could split and merge PDF files. But as of right now, it is a great PDF editor with an OCR module that has a lot of features to offer to its users.

Picking the right software for quality work with PDF files once and for all can be a challenging task. That is why we have picked our top 10 favorite software for you. All of these programs are freeware and don’t contain malware (we installed them all). Make your choice depending on your demands and enjoy working with PDF files.

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  1. Thanks for putting up the best PDF software. I am familiar with Foxit Reader and SodaPDF. Although, I personally use Advanced PDF Manager and Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for business purposes.

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