How to Convert Video to Audio

What do you need a video to audio converter for? For example, there is a music video with a cool song, but it is quite difficult to listen to it in video format. Besides it takes much more space than a usual MP3 audio file. In this way you can create an audiobook from a video documentary or convert a webinar or lecture into an audio format.

Today we will tell you how to convert video to audio with Icecream Video Converter. It is a handy and free video software that will suit bloggers, students, lifehackers and tiktokers for their media processing tasks. Follow the instructions below to get started.

How to turn video into audio file

  1. Download the free Icecream Video Converter, install it and open.
  2. To convert video to audio you need to add your file or files. To do this, click the "+ Add File" button or use the drag & drop mechanism. Add files to video to MP3 converter
  3. Once the files are added to the conversion queue, select the MP3 format as the output one. You can do that using the functionality on the right of the uploaded file (this way the setting will be applied to a specific file) or from the common settings in the bottom left (you can apply the settings to all the queue to bulk convert videos to MP3. Also at this stage it is possible to trim the input files with a built-in video editor. Convert video to audio with Icecream Video Converter
  4. Click the "Convert" button to turn video to audio. You can further track the processed files in the "History" tab of the freeware.

Other benefits of video to MP3 converter:

  • A simple and smart interface allows the program to be used by both professional bloggers, video editors, and novice users with minimal knowledge in this area.
  • Fast way to extract audio from video, regardless of the technical characteristics of your PC or laptop.
  • Does not take up much disk space.
  • Video to audio converter with flexible settings allows inexperienced users to quickly set the desired parameters for the best result.
  • Large selection of presets allows you to convert files for different devices and needs.
  • The "History" section where you can see all the processed files, as well as quickly locate them on a PC. This makes the video conversion software more convenient, because you do not have to search for the converted file among a large number of system folders.
  • Distributed 100% free of charge without any hidden advertising content. This approach makes the program one of the most popular free video converters available on the market.
  • The utility can work with high-resolution video streams, up to 4K. This makes the tool even more versatile and gives the opportunity to convert data for different platforms, social networks, mobile devices and more.


Summing up, we can say that Icecream Video Converter is a great program that allows you to convert video files to MP3 and into a variety of other supported output formats. Thanks to the fact that the software is distributed without any payment, you can use it anytime and anywhere. It is great for bloggers, video editors, content makers, students, teachers and regular users to turn video to audio. Enjoy your work!

author by Alexa Davis

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