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How to Convert AVI Video

AVI is a video format that contains both video and audio within the same file. Although it gives you a smooth playback and good quality, sometimes certain devices may fail to play them for some reason. One may want to convert AVI video file to a lighter one like MP4 to save some space on the hard drive. Or to MKV to later on build in subtitles. Whatever the reason is, Icecream Media Converter is the answer to your conversion prayers.

The program stands out from the crowd due to its user friendly interface and a wide variety of suggested input and output formats. If you want to convert AVI videos to other video or audio formats (AVI to MP4, for instance), check out the tutorial to get a better idea of how it works.

AVI converter

Download and install the program

First off, download Icecream Media Converter from our website. Double click on the installation file to initiate the process. You can fully rely on the wizard’s guidelines to complete the installation successfully. Once it’s done, launch the application to go to the actual conversion.


Add AVI file

Click on the “Add file” button in the upper left corner of the main window to open the panel where you have all the needed to add the file.

First of all you should click on the area under the first number so that the program will show you the explorer and suggest you to choose the desired file on your hard drive. Once it’s imported to the converter, feel free to proceed with the next step.


Configure output file settings

  • Convert To. Select the “Video” option in the “Convert To” line to convert video to video or “Audio” to rip audio from video and save the file in audio format.
  • Convert By. Choose the “Format” option Alternatively, choose the “Device” option to adjust the format for specific device you want to use. In this case, Icecream Media Converter will set suitable format configurations by default.
  • Choose format or device. Clicking on the “Format” box will give you a list of available formats depending on the “Convert To” settings that were previously specified. in the “Convert By” section if you know exactly the format you want to convert your file to. You can choose such popular video formats as MP4, WMV, MKV, MPEG and others. In case you are not sure about the format, simply select “Device” and choose one that you’re going to choose for the playback. You can select such options as iPhone, iPad, Sony PSP, Xbox 360, Android and even more.
  • Choose quality. The last step to take is quality choice. “Best” quality is a default option that saves the file in its original quality. Other quality types suggest gradual decrease of the quality that make the output file smaller in size. Note that setting of quality is only possible for "Format" option as the "Device" configuration are already preset by the program.

Start AVI conversion

Press the “Convert” button right under to convert a single file.

The program allows you to queue several files at a time and convert them all at once. To queue videos, import the first file, tweak the settings and press the “Add to Queue” button at the bottom right. Then, press the “Add File” button once again and repeat the same sequence for the second file. Continue until all the desired videos are added to the queue.

Finally, press “Convert” to start the process. The program will show you a popup window with the request to convert the queued files to the folder. Press “Convert” and wait until all the items are processed one by one. You can see progress bars and status messages for each item and pause the process at any moment by clicking on the “Pause” button in front of the item. Typically, the conversion takes 10-30 seconds for short videos and about an hour for HD videos. When you will see the window saying that conversion has been completed, you can check the files by pressing the “Open Folder” button.

AVI converter
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