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How to Convert MP4 to AVI

Whenever you need to complete some kind of a conversion task, you can opt for Icecream Media Converter. It’s a versatile solution for all sorts of conversion operations with a support for various formats, including MP4 and AVI.

To convert your files from MP4 to AVI format, all you need to do is install the program and complete several easy steps. Read more about it in this article.

MP4 to AVI converter

Download and install the program

Users can download Icecream Media Converter by clicking on the “Download” button – it doesn’t require any payments, keys or registration. After that, you will be supposed to save the setup file – run it to start the installation. Follow the Wizard to complete the process and open the program.


Add MP4 file

“Add file” button is located in the upper left corner of the main window. Press it to start import the desired MP4 file for conversion.

This button will open "Add file" panel in the interface of the program. Click on the area with folder icon on and Windows Explorer will be opened. You should use it to find the file on your computer. You can filter your files by their type for easier search in the corresponding line in the bottom part of the Explorer. Press “Open” to import the file to the program.


Configure output file settings

  • Convert to. Since .avi is a video file extension, you should select the “Video” option here. Note: if you select “Audio” you can extract audio from your video (if you need converting MP4 to MP3 for instance).
  • Convert by. If you are sure what exact format you want to convert your file to, you should choose the “Format” option.
  • Choose format. Select AVI from the list of supported formats. To do that, click on the “Format” option and scroll down to find it in the dropdown menu.
  • Choose quality. “Best” is a default option which keeps the original quality of the video. Other options (“Good”, “Average” and “Bad”) are self-explanatory and presuppose certain level of compression.

Start MP4 to AVI conversion

Now, when you are all set and ready to convert MP4 to AVI, you can press that “Convert” button to start the conversion according to your presets. The good news is you can process several files simultaneously by adding them to the queue (“Add to queue” button in the bottom right). After that, you will see your file in the queue panel and can add more files by pressing on the “Add file” button. “Clear queue” button allows you to delete all files from the queue (bottom left corner), and recycle bin icon in front of each file helps you remove single files from the list.

Finally, press the “Convert” button to initiate the conversion for all files in the queue. It may take from several seconds to several hours depending on the size of your files. You are allowed to manage the process by using “Pause/Resume” and “Cancel” buttons. When the conversion is finished, you can press the “Open folder” button on a popup window and skip to the containing folder.

MP4 to AVI converter
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