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Reading mode. Control Panel

There is a control panel on the right side of the reading area that offers needed options to manage the reading settings in both full screen and window modes. All the tools are shown as icons – check their descriptions in order of appearance.

Full screen mode

Clicking the very first icon will open the program in the Full screen mode immediately. To quit the full screen mode, press this button again or simply double click on the screen. Pressing ESC button will also quit the full screen mode. Alternatively use F11 button to switch to Full screen mode and back to windows one.

Table of contents

Clicking the “Table of contents” tool will bring you to the Table of contents panel (the same function as Contents button)


Click this tool to bookmark a page you’re currently on. You can find it in the “Bookmarks” tab in the "Table of contents" panel.


Click this button to open the "Notes panel". You can read more about it in Notes panel section of the manual.

Enlarge font size

Enlarge font size by clicking this icon.

Reduce font size

This icon does the opposite of the previous one – makes the font size smaller.

Text layout

By clicking this icon, text layout will be changed and the book text will be shown in one or two columns.


This icon changes program’s profiles (Day, Night, Sepia).

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