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Program settings. Profiles


This setting is for choosing a profile for reading the books. The program offers three profiles: “Day”, “Night”, and “Sepia”. Choose the first option to read in normal conditions (daylight or bright artificial lighting), switch to the second profile to read at the night time, and choose “Sepia” to read in low light.

Restore Default Settings

This button resets all the options' values changed in the Profile tab of the program's Settings panel: Profile, Text Font, Text Size, Text Color, Background color and Workground color.

Text Font

It's possible to select one of 8 fonts that are supported by the ebook reader to change the default font of ePub, MOBI and FB2 files. The following fonts are available: Times New Roman, Courier New, Courier, Georgia, Tahoma, Verdana, Segoe UI. Select the text font from the drop down list to apply it for the newly opened books.

Text size

Type in the needed default size of the text of the ebooks of ePub, MOBI and FB2 formats here. Maximum size is 32pt, the minimum one is 8pt. Note: if you change font size for a certain ebook using the control panel in Reading mode then this font size will be associated with this ebook and it will be able to change it only using font size controls in Reading mode.

Text color

Click the black square (the default color of the text) to the right of the “Color:” sign to open the panel where you can select the custom text color. The basic colors available along with “Pick Screen Color” tool. You may also select the color on a color scheme and enter a color's HTML number.

Background color

Click the white square to the right of “Background color:” sign to select the color of the books' background. The background color is the color on which the text of ePub, MOBI and FB2 files is located. You may select the needed color the same way as in the “Text color option”.

Workground color

Workground color is the color of the area that lays between the beige frame of the program's window and the background area. Single click the white square next to the “Workground color:” sign to customize this color.

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