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Notes panel. Notes table

All the added notes are shown in the form of the table. There are 5 columns in this table.


In this column you can see the full text that was selected for highlighting or annotating.


You can find the notes' bodies in this column. This value will be empty if the text was highlighted with color and no comments were added.


The page number of the text, that was annotated is shown in this column.


The date and time of the annotation of the text addition is located in this column. The program uses the time and the date that is set on your computer for this value.

Edit/Delete note

Click the pencil symbol to add or edit the text of the note. Click the recycle bin icon to delete a note. The program will ask you if you're sure to complete this action to it's almost impossible to accidentally remove added notes.

Notes sorting in the table

It's possible to sort the notes in the table the text, notes' bodies, page and date. To sort the notes by any of these values, click the titles of the columns.

Users can also sort out the notes by the book's contents chapters. Click the chapter's title to hide all the information about the notes, added to the text belonging to this chapter. You'll see a total number of the notes of the chapter to the right of its title. Click the chapter's title once again to show the notes data.

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