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Overview. Supported formats

Epub (Electronic Publication) – free ebook standard which is characterized by compatibility with multiple ebook reading devices. Basically, .epub file is a .zip archive that contains XML description of the file and text in (x)HTML or PDF formats. Such files may also include images, graphics, charts, and other elements that remain unchanged in terms of layout regardless of the device they are opened with.

FB2 (Fiction Book) is an XML-based ebook file. This format features special tags for epigraphs, quotations, and other elements. The format is easily converted to other formats and perfect for keeping specific elements used in books.

MOBI – ebook format that actually contains several types of files: text, images, etc. This format supports tags for charts, quotations, images, headers, and other elements typical for ebooks.

CBZ – a file format that is commonly used for storing comic books. Contains images that are compressed with .ZIP compression.

CBR – another format that is regularly used for comic books. The major difference is that .RAR compression is used for the creation of CBR files.

PDF – PDF is a popular format for storage of documents as this format is difficult to edit and easy to open on any machine without the loss of the formatting of the file.

TXT – format for plain text documents and ebooks.

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