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Reading mode. Controls

To turn the pages, simply click the right side of the screen to skip to the next page or click the left side to go back to the previous pages. Alternatively, click within the text and use your mouse scroll wheel to scroll the book forward or backward. Also, feel free to use “Backspace”, “Space”, and the direction keys (right and left arrows) on the keyboard to turn the pages.

Double click the screen to read in full screen mode or go back to the window mode (to get back from the full screen mode you can also use ESC button). Alternatively, you can press F11 button for that. You can also use panic button from both full screen or window mode.

Navigation scrollbar in the lower side of the book's pages can help users to fast scroll through the pages. Move the marker to the left and to the right to browse through the pages of an opened book. You can always get back to the page where you started scrolling by clicking the “Back to page” blue link that appears in the left side of the navigation scrollbar.

Download Manual as PDF
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