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Overview. Program’s Features

Limitless Ebook Library

The program lets adding as many books as desired and keeping them all in one place. There are no limitations for the quantity of books; thus, there’s no need to sacrifice the old ones and delete them in order to add some new books to the Library.

Support for popular ebook formats

Icecream Ebook Reader works with the most popular ebook formats, such as ePub, MOBI, FB2, CBZ, CBR, PDF and TXT. Most ebooks in the Internet come in these formats, so using this program one can open and read pretty much any book that was come across.

Easy organizing

The application supports organizing and filtering the books in different categories: recently read, all books, favorites, or filter the content by formats.

Custom categories

Users can create custom categories and edit their titles to organize the books from the Library in the most effortless way.

Notes and highlighting

It's possible to select text from ebooks and highlight it and add custom notes with text to it. The notes and highlights can be edited, viewed, sorted, deleted and saved as HTML files from the Notes panel. This feature works for ePub, FB2 and MOBI formats.

Copy, search and translate text

Select text from ebooks and copy it to the clipboard, search it on Google or Wikipedia and translate it with Google Translate service. This feature works for ePub, FB2 and MOBI formats.


Icecream Ebook Reader offers 3 profiles for comfortable reading at any time of the day. Use the “Day” mode to read in a good lighting and switch to the “Night” or “Sepia” modes to read in low or no light.

Progress tracking

Icecream Ebook Reader keeps track of the reading progress and checks how much is already read and how much is left.


Use bookmarks to never lose necessary pages. By bookmarking a page, it becomes possible to go back to it after closing the application. Besides, the program automatically redirects users to where they have stopped at in case a bookmark wasn't added.

Navigation scrollbar

Use navigation scrollbar at the bottom of the book while reading to easily browse through the pages of the opened ebook.

Easy search

Use the “Search” field to find the desired content while reading a book. The program is capable of searching by words or phrases and also by pages. There is also a library search option that will help to find a necessary book in the library. It's also possible to search through the added notes of each book.

Text customization

It's possible to divide the text into two columns or read it in a standard way. Besides, user can make the text smaller or larger by clicking the corresponding buttons on the control bar.

Full screen mode

Use a Full Screen mode to adapt the page to the size of the screen for a more comfortable reading experience.

Panic button

Press the minimize button in the upper right corner of the program's window or “H” button on keyboard to quickly minimize the program to tray.

Continue reading last book

There is a button that allows a user to continue reading last book – it is located in the bottom right corner. Click on it to continue reading the last book opened with Icecream Ebook Reader.

Data sorting

All data displayed in the Table view mode that is book title, author, progress and added on date can be sorted out in ascending or descending orders. To do that simply click the title of the column that you want to sort.

Library export and import

Users can export the Library to backup the current progress and them import the archive file with the previous Library backup to load the previously exported Library version.

Read password-protected files

Icecream Ebook Reader supports opening password-protected files (under the condition that valid passwords are entered).

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