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Program settings. System


The program is available on over 45 languages, simply click within the white area next to the “Language:” sign to select the needed language from the drop down list.

Library path

This folder will specify where the exported archive of your Library progress (file with EBR extension) will be kept. Press the folder icon to the right of “Library path:” sign to open Windows Explorer and browse for the folder on your computer.

Page turn effect

Enable or disable the appearance of the effect shown while turning the pages forward or backward.

Text alignment

Here users can select one out of five available modes of the alignment of the text: Original, Left, Right, Center and Justify.

Navigation scrollbar

Enable or disable the navigation scrollbar at the bottom of books while in reading mode to scroll through the pages of the books easily by moving the marker to the right or to the left.

Check for updates automatically

Enable this option to receive the notifications by the program when it's opened in case newer versions of Icecream Ebook Reader are available on the official website. The notification is shown once after the release of newer version so it won't be anyhow annoying.

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