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Convert from PDF. File queue

As soon as the first PDF file is added for subsequent conversion, the “Queue”section that is formed as a table appears in the upper part of “From PDF” window.

In the queue table of the PDF Converter you'll find the following data: sequence number of the file in a queue, filename, file preview button, numbers of pages of a file to be converted, output conversion format, language of the output document (applied to textual formats), whether or not to split a PDF document into single pages, password information and “Remove from the queue” button.

File position in a queue

There is a sequence number of each item in the leftmost column of the table. All the added files will be queued one after another. Move them to change their position in the queue – to do that, drag and drop the file to a desired place in the queue. Note that the sequence of the rest of files in the queue remains unchanged as a certain file is being moved.

Filename and preview

In the “Filename” column there is a magnifying glass standing next to a name of each file; press it to open the file in the built-in PDF reader Note that preview of password-protected documents is only available after entering their valid passwords.

Select pages to convert

This button opens the Page ranges panel where it is possible to select pages or page ranges to be converted from PDF to other supported output formats. As soon as all the intervals and pages are added, press OK button in the right lower corner. In the “Pages” column of the table instead of the “All” option all the added intervals and pages will now be displayed.

Select output format and language

In the “To” column of the table it is possible to choose the output format of subsequent conversion. By default, program offers JPG format, click on it to open the drop down list with all the supported output formats.

In case textual formats like HTML, TXT, DOC, ODT or RTF are chosen, users are offered to specify the language of the content of the document to be converted from PDF to text for a higher effectiveness of file processing. Note: current interface language of the program will be used by default.

Convert each page to a separate file (split)

Select “Split” option to convert each page of an added PDF document as a separate file of the chosen output format. In case this option is not ticked, the single output file will contain all the pages of the source PDF document converted to the destination format. This option is ticked by default when converting PDF documents to images.


The “Password” column for working with encrypted files is located to the right of the “Split” column in the queue chart. If an added document isn’t password protected, this column would have an “ok” value. In case a password protected PDF document is added, there would be a clickable “Enter” message in the “Password” column. Click on it to open a dialog window with password box where the password for selected file should be entered. It is also possible to enter a password after starting the conversion process. If user chooses to provide password while conversion, program will ask for the valid password after pressing “Convert” button. If a password is not entered, the program would ignore this document during the conversion.

Common settings and controls

In the gray area below the file queue there are common settings and controls that are applied to all the files currently added to the queue. Click on “JPG” button on the gray field to open the drop down list with all the supported output formats to apply the single output format to all the added to queue PDF files. Click on “EN” button to specify the source language of the added documents to properly convert them to textual formats. Tick the “Split all” option of the gray field to split into single pages all the currently added PDF files within the conversion. To remove all the currently listed in the table files press the “Clear all” button.

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