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Interface. To PDF panel

Conversion of files to PDF is done in “To PDF” panel. It is split in three sections: the upper one is a queue of files that are supposed to be converted to PDF format, the middle gray one is a common settings and controls area and the bottom one is for selection of output folder.

File queue

In the upper part of the “To PDF” panel there is the “Add file” section for adding the needed files for their further conversion to PDF. It is also possible to change sequence of added files and delete them from the queue. File settings and layout settings can also be tweaked here. You can learn more about it it “File queue” section of the manual.

Common settings and controls

In the gray area users can find common settings and controls, that are applied to all the files in the conversion queue at once. Users can select to merge all the files into single PDF and apply common File and layout settings to all the the queued files. You can learn more about these settings and controls in “Common controls” section of the manual.

Output folder

This section of the window is for specifying a desired output file location. You can read more about this parameter in the “Output location” section of this manual.

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