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Conversion process. Indication of conversion process

Progress bar

Progress bar is located right under the working area of the queue window of software and it shows the status of the currently running process. If there are several files in the queue, the bar shows the progress for all these files but not for each individual file.

Position and pages in the queue

To the left of the progress bar and the queue there is a message saying that N of M is being converted. In this case, N stands for the position of a certain file in the queue, while M stands for the total number of files in the queue.

While working in “From PDF” panel, next to the file counter there is a page counter saying A out of B pages. Here A signifies the position of a currently converted page and B reveals the total amount of all the pages in all the queued PDF files.

Elapsed Time

Elapsed time is available to the left of the progress bar. Time is tracked from the moment the “Convert” button was pressed. Note that when files are converted in a bulk, the time tracking starts from the conversion of the very first file in the queue.

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