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Convert to PDF. File queue

As soon as the first file is added for subsequent conversion, the “Queue”section that is formed as a table appears in the upper part of “To PDF” window.

In the queue table there is the following data: sequence number of the file in a queue, filename (with the resolution for images stated), format of the file, settings button that opens File settings panel and Layout settings panel and “Remove from queue” button.

File position in the queue

There is a sequence number of each item in the leftmost column of the table. All the added files will be queued one after another. Move them to change their position in the queue – to do that, highlight the file to be moved and use the “up” and “down” buttons located to the right of the queue table. As an alternative, drag and drop the file to a desired place in the queue. Note that the sequence of the rest of files in the queue remains unchanged as a certain file is being moved.

Note: position in the queue is most important when merging all files into one PDF document.

File settings and Layout settings

Click the settings icon corresponding to a file to open the File settings for further work. If the selected file is an image, Layout settings panel will be available as well (read more about File settings panel and Layout settings panel in the corresponding sections of the manual). Apply the needed changes in the the both panels and press either “Save file settings” or “Apply layout settings” (depending on the panel) to save them.

Common controls

In the gray area below the file queue there are common settings and controls that are applied to all the files currently listed in the queue. Here there is a settings button which opens File settings and Layout settings panel with the options applied to all the queued files at once. Note that Layout settings panel will only be available for work if there are images added for further conversion to PDF. To remove all the currently listed in the table files press the “Clear all” button.

Merging files into one PDF document

Option to merge all the added files into a single output PDF is located in the common controls area of the “To PDF” panel. Tick this option to receive a single PDF file with the content of all the queued files. Note that for successful merging files into one, at least 2 files should be added to the queue.

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