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Overview. Program’s Features

Conversion of PDF documents to multiple formats

Icecream PDF Converter supports conversion of PDF files to various formats. It is possible to convert PDF to images (JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, JPG), documents (DOC, ODT, RTF, TXT) and to such file formats as EPS, WMF and HTML.

Pages selection of a PDF file to convert

While working with multi-paged PDF files there is no need to convert all the pages to a desired output format. You can select pages to convert right before the conversion to work with required pages and intervals of pages only.

PDF file splitting while conversion

To simplify further work with the output files (especially if you are going to work with images) tick the PDF file splitting option before the conversion. In this case each page of PDF file will turn out to be an individual file of set output format. Tick the Split all option in common settings and controls area if you need to split all the added PDF files.

Working with password-protected files

Free PDF converter by Icecream Apps enables users to convert password-protected PDF documents. For successful conversion of such PDF files enter a valid password after adding them to the conversion queue. If the password is invalid or not inserted, these files will be skipped during the conversion process.

Drag&Drop support

Drag&drop files directly into the working area to make the process of conversion easier and quicker.

Conversion of multiple formats to PDF

Iceream PDF Converter supports conversion of the following formats to PDF: documents (DOC, DOCX, ODT, XLS, XLSX, ODS), images (TIFF, JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF), ebooks (EPUB, MOBI, FB2) and such formats as HTML, HTM, XPS.

Password-protection of output PDF files

Before converting files to PDF format users can set password for the output PDF files. To do that, go to File settings panel and simply insert password into the “Password” field. Leave this field blank to leave output PDF documents password unprotected.

Title and Publisher settings for output PDF files

While working in “To PDF” mode there is a possibility to define Title and Publisher data for the output files.

Common settings and controls for all added files

For easier processing of large amount of files users can turn to common settings and controls settings. They are located in the gray area in the bottom of the file queue. Once such settings are changed, they are automatically being applied to all the currently added files. In “From PDF” mode users can select common output format and whether or not to split all the files. As for “To PDF” mode, users can select whether or not to merge all the files into single PDF and apply the same File settings and Layout settings to all the added files. “Clear all“ button is available in both modes of Icecream PDF Converter, it removes all the added files from the queue at once.

Advanced layout settings for IMAGE to PDF conversions with preview

The program supports Image to PDF conversion while working in “To PDF” mode. As soon as user adds JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF or TIFF images, Layout settings panel for the output PDF file will be available. Use it to adjust the location and the position of an image on a page along with the page dimensions.

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