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Interface. Page ranges panel

Page ranges panel is available during the conversion of files from PDF format. It is available for non-protected documents and for password-protected PDF files after the insertion of the valid password. By default all the pages of any added PDF are to be converted to selected output format. Click on “All” button next to a file to enter detached pages or page ranges to be converted. To work with pages and page intervals, their numbers should be added to the conversion list. Set the desired intervals by specifying the numbers of its first and the last pages into the “From” and “To” fields and press the “Add” button; enter the number of the detached page to work with into both “From” and “To” fields. Users can set several ranges/pages even if they are overlapping one another. Each interval would be displayed as a purple label with a corresponding range/page mark. To delete a certain interval, click the “Delete” button on a corresponding label. To delete all the added ranges/pages at once, press the “Clear” button to the right of the “Add” button.

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