How to Convert JPG to Word

How to Convert JPG to WordKeeping documents printed out on paper is a common way of storing them. However, if you need to somehow edit them, obviously you will need to transfer them into digital form. The best option here is to scan them and then keep all the documents in Word format, since that’s one of the most widely spread and easiest formats to work with. Plenty of scanners scan the papers and save the resulting scans in JPG image format. Unlike DOC format, JPG doesn’t provide the option to edit the text as it keeps the text as an image. We’ve created a tutorial on how to convert JPG to Word with Icecream PDF Converter so that you can edit them further, just like any other text document. Read the instructions on how to do that below.

Step 1. Select the “To PDF” conversion mode of the PDF converter.Select the To PDF conversion mode Step 2. Add the JPG file for the conversion. You can do that either through Windows Explorer (by clicking the “Add file” button in the middle of the program’s window) or with the use of the drag and drop mechanism (simply drag the JPG file into the program’s window to add it to the conversion queue).Add the JPG file for the conversion Step 3. Press the “CONVERT” button in the lower-right-hand corner to convert JPG to PDF format.Press the CONVERT button Step 4. Select “From PDF” mode in the Icecream PDF Converter to convert the output PDF to Word format.Select From PDF mode Step 5. Add the newly-converted PDF file to the program. This also can be done by means of the drag and drop mechanism or with the help of Windows Explorer (hit the “Add PDF File” button in the center to open it and browse for the required file).Add the PDF file Step 6. Select “doc” as the output format of the conversion. Make sure that the value in the “To” column is set to “doc.”Select doc as the output format Step 7. Press the green “CONVERT” button to convert PDF to Word. As soon as the button is pressed, the program asks you if you wish to use the OCR (optical character recognition) during the PDF to Word conversion. Press the “Use OCR” button to apply this feature. Make sure that the “OCR language” option’s value in the program’s Settings panel corresponds with the language of the file.Start PDF to Word conversionStep 8. Press the “OPEN FOLDER” button to view the Word file in its destination folder.Press the OPEN FOLDER button

Converting scanned documents that are kept in JPG to Word format is actually not that difficult at all. You just need to have the right program that will both convert to and from PDF format, as Icecream PDF Converter does. Additionally, if you’re looking for a way to convert a scanned PDF to Word, you may take a look at this step-by-step instruction here.

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