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How to Convert MOV to AVI

It’s easy to balance between formats when you have Icecream Media Converter installed on your computer. This simple application allows you to convert all sorts of audio and video formats in a few simple steps. This tutorial explains how to convert MOV to AVI, which is a very popular type of conversion.

MOV to AVI converter

Download and install the program

You should first of all download Icecream Media Converter onto your computer. It’s quite easy and doesn’t require any additional software of special skills. Just press “Download”, save the installation file and start the installation according to Wizard’s guidelines. You can start working immediately after the installation is completed – to do that, simply launch the program.


Add MOV file

To add a file and convert it, click on the "Add file” or "Add file to start converting!” button and proceed to "Add file" panel.

Over there single click on the area with the sign "Click here to select file..." will open your computer's Explorer. Find the desired MOV file on your computer using it. Select it and press “Open” to import the file. Its full path will be displayed in a corresponding section of the settings panel which will be opened right after the import.


Configure output file settings

  • Convert to. Choose “Video” as your “Convert to” setting because output AVI is a video format.
  • Convert by. Click on the “Format” option to convert your MOV video by selecting the desired format.
  • Choose format. Click on the “Format” box and check the dropdown list. Find “AVI” in the list and choose it by clicking on it.
  • Choose quality. Best quality allows you to convert your files without any loss of quality. However, there are other available options that allow you to compress the output file and make it smaller in size due to some quality loss.

Start MOV to AVI conversion

Conversion is started with clicking on the "Convert” button that you can find in the bottom right corner of the settings panel. It’s possible to convert several files simultaneously by adding each new file to the queue (“Add to queue” button in the bottom right) after setting the desired configurations. If you added a wrong file by mistake, press a tiny recycle bin icon next to this file to delete it from the queue. Large “Clear queue” button in the bottom left will allow you to delete all the files from the queue.

When you are ready to start, just press the “Convert” button and wait until the program processes your files. You can use the “Pause/Resume” and “Cancel” buttons next to the progress bar in the bottom of the program window to manage the process.

When the converting of MOV to AVI is completed, you’ll see a popup window with a report message and “Open folder” button. Click on it to check the output files in a containing folder. After that, you can close the program or start a new conversion session.

MOV to AVI converter
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