How to Use the Area Auto Detection Mode of Icecream Screen Recorder

How to Use the Area Auto Detection Mode of Icecream Screen RecorderPlenty of people not only want to capture their desktops, but also record certain programs, YouTube videos, or other types of content that require you to record or screenshot precise areas. With our screen capture software it’s possible to manually select the areas and record video and take screenshots of the full screen. When it comes to separate windows or areas, such recording and screenshot taking mode as “Area auto detection” will become handy. If you’re not familiar with this feature of the screen recorder by Icecream Apps yet, read on to learn more about how to use the “Area auto detection” mode of Icecream Screen Recorder.

Step 1. Click the “Capture video” or “Screenshot” button in the upper left-hand corner of the program’s window.Click the Capture video or Screenshot button Step 2. Select the “Area auto detection” option from the opened drop-down menu.Select the Area auto detection optionSelect the Area auto detection option for screenshots Step 3. As soon as the previous step is complete, there will be a message from the program on your screen telling you to hover the mouse cursor over any window to analyze its structure. Move the mouse cursor and place it over a window the borders of which you want to be automatically selected by Icecream Screen Recorder.Hover the mouse cursor over any window Step 4. When a possible window is recognized by the screen recorder, you need to apply the frames of the recording or the screenshot area. Press the F1 keyboard button or the program’s orange logo in the upper left-hand corner of the recording border to apply this area for recording or screenshot taking. Apply the area for recording or screenshot taking Step 5. Right after the recording or screenshot area is selected with the help of “Area auto detection” mode, you can use Icecream Screen Recorder in a regular way.Record video with Icecream Screen Recorder

The area auto detection mode of Icecream Screen Recorder is a very useful feature when it comes to selecting the areas to be captured by the program in a fast and simple way. Another useful feature of the program recently reviewed is setting the screen recording on a timer.

  • Clostor Said

    Why I can’t edit any videos?!! I’m trying with a lot of apps, but all of ’em says I don’t have any videos… but isn’t true, I have more than 30. 🙁
    Even with the Youtube editor I can’t. :c

    • Clostor Said, so far there are no video editing programs by Icecream Apps.