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Snagit AlternativesSnagit is a very popular screen capture tool. It can both record videos and take screenshots, offers a wide variety of settings and options and it brings video recording to a whole new level. It works as a software and has a Google Chrome extension as well. However, Snagit is not the only great software to use for screen recording. Today there are so many great alternatives available, that even if you are a long-term Snagit fan, maybe you should take a look at other programs with similar functionality that can also help you to screen capture in a high-quality yet effortless way. Take a look at the following 5 Snagit alternatives we reviewed in today’s article.

Icecream Screen Recorder
Icecream Screen Recorder is a great Snagit alternative as it both captures the screen and takes screenshots without any limitations whatsoever. Screenshots can be saved as PNG or JPG images; video is recorded with no duration restrictions and without any programs’ logos or watermarks. You select the preferred mode of work – screenshot or screencast – select the area of your screen to work with, add some graphic elements and capture your screen easily. Extended settings will help you to get the best results out of working with this program. Moreover, the program offers scheduled screen recording – insert the date and the start and end time of your screencast and Icecream Screen Recorder will capture the selected area on time.

This screen recorder is a fully free version that doesn’t have limitations and offers a full set of necessary tools for quality screenshots creation and video capture.
Icecream Screen Recorder

Screencast-O-Matic is an easy-to-use video capturing software that has great functionality, but its video recording length limit is only 15 minutes. Within this program’s interface you can upload created videos to the program’s server for easy sharing by a URL. You can also upload them to YouTube or save them as a MP4, AVI, FLV or GIF file format. The feature of selecting the output video format is a very convenient one. However, keep in mind that these 15-minute-long videos will be created with a program’s watermark.

Screenshots are also available in the paid upgrade of the program. In the free one you are only allowed to capture videos – limited time videos with watermarks.

Bandicam is a screen recorder and screenshot maker that is at the same time pretty easy to use with extended settings. You can select whether you want to record a game or a custom area of your screen. Then you can either record the screen, pause it or stop it, or make a screenshot. The selected area can be adjusted in size and dragged to the right place of the screen as well. You can use hotkeys to start screen capture and to take screenshots as well. Screenshots can be saved to BMP, PNG and JPG (normal or high quality).

What concerns us is the limited functionality; Bandicam is a freemium software that only allows recording of 10 minute videos with the watermark shown.

Fraps is a screen recording and screenshot taking software that is positioned as one for gamers. As soon as you launch it, you get to configure the settings of your future recordings and screenshots. In the main window there are 4 tabs – General, FPS, Movies, and Screenshots. You can set the hotkeys that will trigger the beginning of the screen capture the creation of a screenshot, or leave the default ones. Also, there are some extra additional settings that you can tweak. When you are ready to start making your screencast or screenshot, simply press the corresponding hotkey.

Unfortunately, Fraps is a freemium software, so in its limited version you can only take screenshots of BMP format and record short videos.

FastStone Capture

FastStone is a simple-to-use program to capture video and take screenshots. Its interface can’t really be referred to as an intuitive one, however it is not that difficult to understand how to use it. As for the screenshots, it can not only save rectangular areas or active windows. It can also take a screenshot of a freehand region and of a scrolling window. Captured videos are saved in WMV format only. The program also offers all the necessary settings that can be configured by the user.

There is no limitation in the length of the recorded videos, however the free trial period of FastStone is only 30 days. Within this time you’ll be required to purchase the license.
Faststone Capture

The choice of which Snagit alternative to use is up to you. Pick the best video capture software to record screenshots, games, or whatever you like, like a pro.

7 thoughts on “Top 5 Snagit Alternatives

  1. Says “This screen recorder is a fully free version that doesn’t have limitations”. I go to the software and see 10 minute limitation – I feel like a kid and my ice cream was taken! Thanks for wasting my time.

      • May I suggest you update this article then? As was looking for an alternative to Snagit and since I don’t support companies the lure people to use their products, it’s definately not going to be Icecream Screen Recorder I’ll be choosing. Thanks for wasting my time too!

        • Nicklas, thank you for the feedback. Since Icecream Screen Recorder is definitely an alternative to Snagit and this is actually the review of screen recorders, we thought it’s fair to include our program to the list. If we would have wanted to lure the users, then the only listed program here was Icecream Screen Recorder. We tried to make a helpful review of Snagit alternatives available at the moment. We’re sorry if the article didn’t help you to choose the right program for your needs.

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