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How to Capture Streaming Video

These days, people don’t even need to buy a TV to watch their favorite shows – they are all available online. The good news is anything that is shown online as streaming videos can be successfully recorded without losing any quality. Icecream Screen Recorder lets the users capture streaming video in a fuss-free way. Read on to learn more about recording the videos from the screen of your computer using Icecream Screen Recorder.

Screen Recorder

Download and install the application

Firstly, download Icecream Screen Recorder from this website. Save the installation file on your computer and then open this file to proceed with the program's setup. Installation Wizard will help you complete the process in a few simple steps, and after that you can launch the program and familiarize yourself with its interface and options.


Configure program settings

Click the “Settings” button in the bottom right corner of the main window to prepare the program for recording by configuring the settings.

System. In this tab you can choose the language of the interface if you want, turn on and off the notifications given by program during the recording and area selection zoomer. If you're planning to add a webcam recording to your video, select the webcam device in this tab as well.

Save to. Set the desired values for maximal file size and minimal disk space. Click the folder icon at the right side of the “Save video to” setting and use Windows Explorer to choose a folder all your videos will be saved to.

Video.This tab offers you such important video settings as its format and quality. Also, you can select whether or not you wish to record mouse movements, highlight mouse when clicking, hide the icons from your desktop, disable the screensaver, show the countdown before the recording starts and record the hotkeys that you are going to use during the screen capture.

In this tab you can also add your own custom watermark, select its opacity level and the position in the video.

Audio. Obviously, you want to capture streaming video with the sound. To enable this option, check the “Record audio” box. In case you don’t need the sound to be recorded, simply leave the box unchecked. It’s also possible to use a mic to comment on the video, in such a case select the “Record microphone” option. The volume levels of both audio and mic can be customized with the help of the scrollbars.

Click the “Open mixer” button to check sound configurations for system sounds and the microphone.

To select the right microphone and audio device to record sound and mic from make sure that the right devices are selected in the “Microphone device” and “Audio device” settings. In case the program doesn't recognize a newly added device, hit the “REFRESH DEVICES” button.

Hotkeys. “Rec/Pause”, “Stop”, “Switch control” or “Cancel” controls are often used while capturing the screen. Hotkeys will help you handle the process more effectively, and you can set your own combinations in the “Hotkeys” tab.

On the completion, click the “SAVE SETTINGS” button in the bottom right corner to save the changes or “CANCEL” in the bottom left corner to go back to the main window of the screen recorder.


Prepare for capturing

Open the streaming video that you want to capture and click the “Capture video” button in the upper left corner of the program. Then select the “Area auto detection” recording mode. This mode offers easy auto selection of the recording area by the program.

Simply hover the mouse cursor over the streaming video to be captured to select its window to be recorded. Press F1 or the program's logo to apply the selection. You can also alter this area after the selection through the recording panel.

You’ll notice that after that your desktop will become inactive – click the “Switch” button to be able to use it in a regular way again and access the streaming video.

The “Draw” panel contains several drawing tools. Usually, it’s unnecessary while capturing streaming video, but in certain cases users may want to use this option. You can choose from brush or tools like oval, rectangle, arrow, step tool or text. You can cancel the changes by using the “Undo” and “Clear all” buttons on the right hand side of the Draw panel.


Capture streaming video

Once all the preparations are made, click the “Rec” icon to capture streaming video right away. In case you’ve checked the “Show countdown before recording” option earlier, the recording will begin with the countdown. All the controls mentioned in the “Prepare for capturing” section above will be available during the entire process. All the changes you make while the video is being recorded will show up at the exact same places and moments in the output video. You can pause the recording to skip the commercials or add some drawing or text, and then hit the “Resume” button to continue capturing from the moment the video was paused at.

Clicking the “Stop” icon on the recording panel completes the process and shows the notification in the bottom right corner of the screen (unless you selected to disable them in the Settings). Click the folder icon in this window to check the file in the containing folder. Another way to do that is closing the control panel and clicking the folder icon on the right of the file in the main window of the program that will be turned into History panel. Alternatively, double click the file in the chart and allow your computer to open it in a default media player.

All new videos will be displayed in the chart, and you can delete certain items from there by clicking on the recycle bin icon in the rightmost column of the chart. To delete all files from the chart, press the “Clear all” button in the bottom left corner.

Screen Recorder
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