Best Screen Recorder for Windows 10

Best Screen Recorder for WindowsPicture worth a thousand words, indeed, it is way more convenient to show a video tutorial on anything than provide a wordy description. That’s when a reliable screen recorder comes in handy. There’s an built-in game recorder on Windows 10, however this app doesn’t offer the functionality to record desktop. As a result, you must utilize third-party screen recording software.

A decent screen recorder should provide you with the output videos of high quality, should be able to record your audio and microphone. Some additional features that you should look at are the ability to enhance video such as drawing on video and zooming. A great advantage is the built-in video editor. The 11 best screen recorders for Windows listed below will allow you to do this together with a host of other useful features.

1. Icecream Screen Recorder – the best screen recorder for Windows

Icecream Screen Recorder for Windows

Our top pick is the fantastic screen recorder that has a lot to offer – Icecream Screen Recorder. This is a comprehensive program that is also free to use. This is not only a video recorder, the software can also take screenshots and you can use it as an audio recorder.

As a screen recorder, this program has a simple interface that is so easy to use. You can record screen quickly and select the recording area using hotkeys. The program allows you to record audio input such as a microphone along with video. Also you will find it handy that you can annotate your recordings and add items like text and graphic objects. You can edit a video right after recording to trim unneeded parts, speed up the footage or mute it. This makes screen recorder by Icecream Apps excellent for creating business presentations and tutorials.

Add a custom watermark to protect your videos and include webcam recording to personify them. Not only this is a desktop recorder, there’s the “Game Capture” option for full screen game recording. Schedule screen recording and set the recording on timer.

Since 2014 it has been regularly updated and optimized for usage on latest Windows systems which is another winning factor.

OS: Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista
Licensing: Shareware
Our Rating: 10 / 10

Pros Cons
  • Draw/annotate while you are recording
  • Simple to use screen recorder for Windows
  • Use “Last area” function to quickly use the previously selected recording area
  • Trim, convert and change speed of recordings
  • Doesn’t offer the Blur feature for screen recording (screenshots only)

2. OBS Studio – open source screen recorder

OBS Studio for Windows 10

OBS Studio is a great open-source and thus free screen recorder for Windows that you can use to record your screen and game footage. It can also be used for online streaming, and you can record directly to your profiles on platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

There is no limitation on recording length unlike in some other programs. Also, you can record desktop in full HD which is vital if you want to provide high-quality gaming footage. This screen recording app can also utilize multi-core processing which can greatly boost the recording speeds and capabilities. As a result, you can also record game footage at 60 FPS which is the maximum that many popular games run at. It is possible to record audio with this program. Thus, you can perfectly record and get YouTube videos with its help.

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8
Licensing: Open-source
Our Rating: 9 / 10

Pros Cons
  • Record directly from your GFX card
  • Record and stream in full HD
  • Screen recorder with no advertisements
  • Stream live to platforms like Twitch
  • Some could find that the installation and setup take too long
  • No video editor

3. Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder – online screen recorder

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder is a web-based free screen recorder. To use it, you must first download a small toolbar to your preferred browser. This web screen recording app is easy to use and the controls are not complicated. The toolbar also looks great and is unobtrusive.

This screen recorder is not suitable for recording games, however it makes a great option for a desktop recorder to make tutorials and business presentations, or for recording troubleshooting. To make the process easier, you can customize keys on your keyboard for shortcuts. Also, you can choose from several pre-defined recording resolutions.

OS: Web-based
Licensing: Shareware
Our Rating: 8 / 10

Pros Cons
  • Good set of preset resolutions
  • Easy to use web-based screen recorder
  • Customizable shortcut keys to boost recording process
  • Record desktop with audio
  • Not suitable for recording game footage

4. ShareX – free screen recorder


ShareX is another open-source screen recorder that is free to use. It is suitable for both screen recording on Windows, and quickly capturing screenshots of your desktop. We also like that you can save your screen recordings as GIF files – this means you could use it to create animated GIFs.

This screen recording software may not be the easiest to use, and its interface may look a little dated. However, once you are accustomed to how it works, you will find it incredibly useful. This Windows screen recorder is also great for sharing, and you can easily share your recordings to social media.

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
Licensing: Open-source
Our Rating: 8 / 10

Pros Cons
  • Save screen capture as a GIF
  • Customize shortcut keys to improve screen recording workflow
  • Capture text via OCR
  • Create recording schedules
  • The interface is not the most intuitive

5. Flashback Express – audio and screen recorder

Flashback screen recorder

Flashback Express is available as both free and paid options. The paid option of this audio and video recorder does have a greater range of tools, however the free screen recorder version does not impose any annoying restrictions like watermarks. It has a relatively simple interface and is much easier to use than some other screen recording software for Windows.

Also, you can easily create diverse recordings and record your screen directly, or capture from a connected webcam. It also has support for multiple export file formats, and you can record and upload directly to platforms like YouTube. The only downside is that this screen recording app is more of a desktop recorder and it is not the best for recording game footage.

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
Licensing: Shareware
Our Rating: 8 / 10

Pros Cons
  • Record directly from a webcam
  • Decent selection of output file types
  • The interface is simple and easy to use
  • Can export recordings directly to YouTube
  • The free version has restrictions on some tools

6. Game Bar – built-in screen recorder for Windows 10

Game Bar is a native screen recorder of Windows 10 OS. You don’t have to worry about purchasing or renewing a subscription since it’s built in and thus free. This desktop recorder works exclusively with other Microsoft products. It can be used to record PC gaming or Xbox gaming and then broadcast to Mixer, Microsoft’s platform for game streaming.

This is a convenient screen recorder for those who don’t want the hassle of downloads. Moreover, Game Bar doesn’t consume much CPU resources so you can record videos with high FPS. However, Game Bar is not compatible with YouTube or Twitch. You can set up a controller or keyboard shortcut to begin recording on your PC. The Game Bar is often hidden by games. If the screen recording feature malfunctions, you may not notice.

OS: Windows 10
Licensing: Free
Our Rating: 8 / 10

Pros Cons
  • Set your preferred frame rate for capture
  • Free screen recorder for Windows 10
  • Start recording with PC or controller
  • Doesn’t impact game performance
  • Can only be used to record games played or streamed through Microsoft

7. Camstudio – open-source Windows screen recorder

CamStudio screen recorder

Camstudio is another screen recorder that’s entirely free. It’s made only for Windows products and offers simple tools. This allows beginners to easily record screen to create tutorials and similar videos. Users can also outline the specific portion of their screen to record, which allows users to reference other pages as needed.

Because this free screen recorder is quite basic, it is not ideal for game recording. There are only minor editing tools included in the software. However, open-source coding means you can directly edit Camstudio and expand the editing tools. The main drawback of this program is that you may only save files in SWF and AVI. Thus, you will need to use online or offline video converters to convert the recorded videos to more suitable formats.

OS: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Licensing: Open-source
Our Rating: 8 / 10

Pros Cons
  • No time limit on recording
  • User-friendly design
  • Open-source code for add-ons
  • Record specific parts of the screen
  • Only two download formats available

8. Ezvid – screen recorder that uploads videos to YouTube

Ezvid for Windows

Ezvid is a screen recorder for Windows that is so easy to use. The toolbar design is clear, and you can control recording through keyboard shortcuts. There are a handful of additional features that users can look forward to. This includes optional text-to-speech narration, a variety of playback speeds, and a way to simultaneously record screen, webcam footage, and microphone input.

One significant drawback to this screen recorder is that files cannot be saved. You have a maximum limit of 45 minutes to record. Afterward, your only option is to upload it to YouTube. This means it can’t be edited further by other software or stored locally.

OS: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Licensing: Freeware
Our Rating: 8 / 10

Pros Cons
  • Text-to-speech narration
  • Options to edit the video speed
  • Instant mic and webcam access
  • No watermarks
  • Files cannot be saved to your PC

9. Camtasia – expensive screen recorder for Windows and Mac


Camtasia is marketed as an all-in-one screen recorder. You can film yourself gaming, record desktop, create tutorials, and more. Users also have the option to layer in their webcam recording. The highlights of Camtasia include features that are fairly simple to master. This includes music and sound effect, video effects, and templates to reduce editing time.

Although Camtasia can handle many projects, it is a very expensive screen recorder. Users have to pay for every update to the recording software, even beyond the initial download fee and annual subscription. These paid upgrades are required to share Camtasia videos with other program users. If your screen recording software is out-of-date, you will be unable to view or edit another user’s video.

OS: Windows 10, 8, 7
Licensing: Shareware
Our Rating: 8 / 10

Pros Cons
  • Video templates and effects
  • Record screen and webcam simultaneously
  • Library of sound effects
  • Import videos and edit together
  • Not compatible across upgrades
  • Requires registration

10. Free Cam – screen recorder with video and audio editor

Free Cam - screen recorder for Windows

Free Cam is a screen recorder for Windows that is easy to use thanks to clear layout. There are hotkeys that make screen recording of your video straightforward. After you have recorded a video, there are a handful of options to edit it. This includes adding mouse highlights and click, background program noises, and cleaning up audio. These are definitely rather basic features and you will need an additional free video editing software to proceed with some advanced video edits.

More advanced tools are available with a paid upgrade of this Windows screen recorder. This includes the ability to make annotations and combined screen-webcam recordings. Though the video recorder is useful and flexible, it behaves like an older and outdated program. Lag, long saves, and captures that pixelate when enlarged to full screen are some of these issues.

OS: Windows 10, 8, 7
Licensing: Shareware
Our Rating: 8 / 10

Pros Cons
  • One-click upload to YouTube
  • Simple interface and navigation
  • Mouse indication and sound effect options
  • Video and audio editing tools included
  • Long wait time for saves

11. Tiny Take – screen recorder for easy file sharing

Tiny Take

Tiny Take is an interesting screen recorder for Windows and Mac with many recording capabilities. However, there is a dramatic difference between the free and paid versions. The free version will only allow you to make five-minute-long recordings. Then, you’ll only have access to the simplest editing tools.

The paid version of screen recorder includes video annotation and a range of editing tools, with a 120-minute time limit. Users who don’t want to invest in the annual subscription can by short-term passes to Pro. This provides full access to video recorder for a low price, with time periods starting at one week. You can save an export videos via the cloud, emails, and uploads.

OS: Windows 10, 8, 7
Licensing: Shareware
Our Rating: 8 / 10

Pros Cons
  • Variety of ways to share
  • Free cloud storage included
  • One-week passes to pro version
  • Simple editing tools included
  • Five-minute limit in free version
  • Account registration needed

Using a screen recorder is an excellent way to share content. For business, gaming, and education, these are incredibly useful tools and can take your content and media creation to new levels. While Icecream Screen Recorder is our top pick – it is easy to use, offers audio, mic and webcam recording, and has some excellent annotation features – the other screen recording software we have listed, both free and paid, would also make suitable choices too depending on your needs.

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