5 Ways to Record Streaming Video

5 Ways to Record Streaming VideoStreaming content has become hugely popular, and many of us now consume most of our entertainment from streaming services. Whether you watch Netflix, follow content creators on YouTube, or watch your favorite gamers play the latest Triple A titles, whatever you love to watch, sometimes you need to record streaming video. The best way to do that is by using a screen recording software.
There are literally hundreds of alternatives on the market, but some programs that can record streaming video are more suited to recording streams than others. We have checked through numerous services to find the best ones for recording streamed content.
All of our choices can be used for free and feature powerful tools. Our list of the best streaming video recorders compiles the top solutions to make your recording experience as smooth as possible.
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Top 5 Snagit Alternatives

Snagit AlternativesSnagit is a very popular screen capture tool. It can both record videos and take screenshots, offers a wide variety of settings and options and it brings video recording to a whole new level. It works as a software and has a Google Chrome extension as well. However, Snagit is not the only great software to use for screen recording. Today there are so many great alternatives available, that even if you are a long-term Snagit fan, maybe you should take a look at other programs with similar functionality that can also help you to screen capture in a high-quality yet effortless way. Take a look at the following 5 Snagit alternatives we reviewed in today’s article.
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