6 Best Productivity Apps to Get the Job Done

Best Productivity AppsGetting through your work as a professional or student, or even just someone creating at home for fun, can be much easier with good productivity apps. There is such a broad range of applications that we debated how best to tackle a list of the 6 best productivity apps of 2018.
One thing was clear: there would be no singular productivity toolsfrom a sea of many. For example, Gmail is a fantastic email client, but it is probably not a favorite for all users, who may favor Yahoo, Outlook, or any other email service. So naming Gmail in this list would only stir unnecessary debate. This ethos extended to all productivity app types, be it word processors, spreadsheet editors, PDF readers, note taking apps, or anything else.
Instead, we decided to focus on productivity tools that are comprised of individual applications under one banner. Microsoft Office is a prime example of what we were looking for, but as you will see below, it is certainly not the only solution out there. We also looked at services offering something outside the norm, such as the interesting Noisli.
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Top Free Microsoft Office Alternatives

Microsoft Office AlternativesMicrosoft is a huge, famous company that is first of all associated with excellent quality, success and innovations. This mogul offers OS and software that works based on this system. The tech support team works great and can help you out with any difficulties. The interfaces of the products offered are intuitive and the features are impressive. To cut a long story short, everything about Microsoft software is fantastic and top shelf, even the price. Microsoft Office is a suite that every computer needs – it contains programs to work with text (that is inevitable), spreadsheets, presentations and more. Microsoft Office is a must for any PC, but it requires a monthly fee or a one-time purchase. However, the rule of the Internet about software and online services tells us that if there are popular paid products, there should be free alternatives to it. Today we will speak about free Microsoft Office alternatives that are not any worse than its famous and pricey counterpart.
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Essential Software for College Students

Software for College StudentsStudent life is awesome, but can be hard at the same time. The good thing is that you have so many amazing activities to do, you are surrounded by your new best friends forever and interesting people in general. Plus, there is no parental control and basically no control whatsoever. The bad thing is you need to maintain your studies and somehow manage to get decent grades, and you are the only person who is in charge of that. Since we live in the high-tech era, why not turn to various software programs to ease up the process of studying in university? Here are 12 software programs for your computer that will for sure make life easier and optimize the process of studying in college.
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