10 Best Resources for a Quality Time Waste

Resources for a Quality Time WasteIf the meme, “Internet, please let me sleep. I like sleep”, means something to you, then welcome to the club. The Internet can be used for obtaining additional education, for reading books, for practicing and improving your current languages skills or for making music or drawing. The reality is that an average computer user can easily spend several hours a day just randomly browsing through various entertaining websites and staring at funny pictures, memes and comics. You will be surprised by the amount of resources one can find today, and their number is constantly growing. In this article we tried to collect the most interesting and, of course, our favorite ones.

1. BuzzFeed
BuzzFeed is not just a random website where you can see pictures of cats, this is a pretty huge community of people, where they not only post entertainment related stuff, but also highlight and share news, articles considering human, women and LGBT rights, healthy and delicious recipes, DIY and beauty tutorials, tech, political and travel news, and a lot more. There are major topics you can choose from to sort out which posts should be shown to you. You can create an account and leave comments and interact with other people who share (or not really) your opinion.

2. 9GAG
Yes, we are 9gaggers everybody. This is the place of memes, rage comics and all sorts of trends on the Internet. This is the first website where all the funny pictures first appear, and if they proceed from Fresh to Trending to Hot, that means soon you’ll see them on many other websites. There are millions of pictures over here and if this is your first visit, then your 5 minutes that you were first planning to spend here will turn into 3 hours or even more. Users can not only browse the pictures, but upload their own ones too. All the posts can be also sorted by topic.

3. Google Cultural Institute
Visit museums and places of interest all over the world with this great educational project by Google. When on the main page, you can choose to discover Art Projects (exhibitions of artworks), Historic Moments (old historical photos) or World Wonders (places of interest all over the world). Art Projects allows browsing through collections, artists, and artwork. Historic Moments present thoughtful historical collections; and World Wonders shows you the World map, where blue points stand for the available location to take a look at. There are plenty of museums, exhibitions, places of interest and old amazing pictures to view here so this is an awesome resource to spend time at and learn something new with huge pleasure.

4. ViralNova
This resource is a generator of all the coolest, most interesting and viral news that are trending all over the Internet. You will find news about entertainment, high-tech and science here. There are topics available for filtering the article that is offered to you, but by default on the main page, the topics are absolutely random. All that matters is the popularity of the material itself. You can participate in the process of selection of new materials by sending news you think are worthy of being featured on ViralNova directly to the editorial team.

5. Mental Floss
If reading the news (the whole article, duh) is too boring for you, try Mental Floss. It is a super smooth and effortless way to learn something new without overstraining your brains. The information is given out in moderate portions and the presentation is very understandable. The Life Hacks section contains great quizzes that are offered to the users that are a very fun way to receive knowledge (usually not too vital) while playing. Articles to read on Metal Floss are another entertaining way to learn new, random facts. So if during a random conversation with your friends you want to blow their mind by stating some cool fact about a random topic – hang out on this website.

6. Take Me To A Useless Website
Basically, this is a website with a single button, clicking on which will open a new tab of your browser with another random, useless website. Websites are really random, like a resource where a pug licks your computer screen, or where you need to press a button to break glass and turn on the sound alarm, or where you need to hover the mouse over circles to divide them so that the picture of a koala appears. There could be websites showing a single picture or a Gif as well, so not all of them are masterpieces of web design. However, the Take Me To A Useless Website will make you click on its “Please” button as you will surely be curious which website is next.

7. Sporcle
The release of this article was due several days ago. The reason we are posting it just now is that we were on Sporcle. Everybody loves quizzes, and so do we. Sporcle is a website where you can play or create your own quizzes on different topics. Topics are varied, starting from politics and finishing with cartoon characters. The great thing about Sporcle is it can be used on iPhone, iPad and Android devices along with PC (unlike QuizUp, that we wanted to include into this list so bad but we found out it doesn’t have a PC version yet). All the fans of trivia games will definitely enjoy this website a lot.

Skeletons in the closet are a normal thing for any person, but not everyone has the guts to speak up and share them. This online community is for anonymously sharing everything you want to share in such a way. The stories can be funny, unexpected, brave, or unpredictable about the experience of users of Whisper. You can upload you own confessions by simply selecting a picture and typing over the text of your revelation. Again, you can select confession topics that you want to read, so if you want to avoid tacky stories just go for LOL and have a great laugh.

9. Shut Up And Take My Money
Look at all the cool stuff you didn’t have until this moment. Shower curtain with a giant sloth climbing a building – add to cart. Christmas sweater with Darth Vader wearing Santa’s hat – add to cart. The 50 Foot Snowball Launcher – add to cart! This website will first surprise you with a huge amount of absolutely brilliant and at the same time useless stuff that you just need to purchase! This is the resource to which you should go if you have no idea what to give a certain person as a present. Any awesome item represented here will be something that the receiver definitely doesn’t have.

10. Bloglovin’
No, this is not McLovin’s younger brother’s website; this is a search engine for blogs. Choose the country of origin of blogs, their major topics and start following the most popular blogs of your chosen area and category. You’ll be surprised when you see the number of blogs you are offered to follow, so no doubt you can spend plenty of time browsing through the websites of all the coolest bloggers. The thing that might improve this resource considerably is the wider variety of topics, like science, technology, economics, politics and finance and so on. The target audience of this website is first of all women, thanks to the categories of Beauty, Fashion, Weddings and so on, but Art, Design, Entertainment and others are interesting for both genders too.

If you have some spare minutes that you want to pass quickly, welcome to the Internet – we’ll be your guides! Check out these websites to keep you entertained and never bored.

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