12 Features of iPhone That We Want to Happen

Features of iPhone That We Want to HappenThere are people who like Pepsi and people who like Coca-Cola, dog people and cat people, party animals and couch potatoes. And there are also those who think that iPhone is the best and those who think iPhone is the worst. Let’s be realistic and admit that iPhone is a very cool, popular and even iconic device that has its pros and cons. Well, nobody’s perfect, so this is a natural thing. As for our team, we have iPhones and we love them a lot. However, there are some features of iPhones that we would like to have and we think are missing in this smartphone’s functionality. So, let’s take a look at the features of iPhone that our team would like to add to this popular device and that will help it to become the perfect smartphone for anyone.

1. YouTube playback with locked screen
This is one of those classic nags around the Internet and, so far, is the most popular wish of the absolute majority of iPhone users. But, the developers of iOS seem to simply ignore it. We want to lock the screen of our phone and still listen to the music that we play on YouTube! And we’ve wanted it for a long, long time! So please, make it finally happen!

2. Access to the file system
Today, when everything is moving really fast, it is very important to be able to fulfil all the manipulations with files on a hunch. If you want to add a new song to your iPhone, you need to first of all find and download it on your computer, then connect your iPhone to it, then use iTunes to transfer the audio file to the phone. And only then it will be in your Music app.

If you don’t have a flash card with you, it would be very nice to connect iPhone to a computer and save important documents from the computer to the phone so that later on you can connect the phone to any other computer and use this data. Unfortunately, it is still impossible to use iPhone as a USB flash drive.

This feature would be great, especially with photos. Just imagine, you connect your iPhone to your PC, you select all your photos, you drag them to a needed folder of the computer and voila – your photos are transferred to the PC. How simple is that!

3. Audio profiles
Apple doesn’t leave us any other choice than to use or not to use the sound of incoming notifications and adjust its volume level. So, for example, if you come home and turn down the volume considerably and then the next morning you forget to turn on the sound, you will simply miss incoming calls as you won’t hear them. Instead of this, it would be very handy if Apple allowed us to use profiles where we can select to use or not use the vibrate notifications and which volume level to use for each specific profile. It will be super awesome if it is possible to set the time of when exactly to turn to which profile as well.

And another thing that is also rather annoying! In theory the ‘Don’t disturb’ mode should be very quiet. So, can someone explain why we can’t turn off the vibration when using the phone in ‘Don’t Disturb’ mode if we turned on this mode to be quiet in the first place?!

4. Screen customization
If we need to know what the weather is like, what the current exchange rate is, or what the last tweets from the feed were, we go to a certain app of iPhone and check all the separate types of info in the corresponding apps. It would be very convenient and helpful if we could add widgets to the screens so that all the most frequently accessed info is right in front of our eyes.

5. Using music as ringtones
Setting music as a ringtone is also a pretty time consuming and complicated task. First you need to cut the song and make sure that the length of this fragment is no longer than 30 seconds. Then you need convert it from mp3 to m4r format so the iPhone understands this is a ringtone-to-be. Why can’t we just select a song that is already saved on iPhone and set it as a ringtone right away?

6. Siri available in more languages
Although iPhones are popular all over the world and millions of people use them, Siri is only available in 9 languages. If you don’t speak English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin or Cantonese, Siri can’t support a conversation with you in your native language. It could be considered as motivation to learn a new language, but not everyone has the option to do that.

7. Creating groups of contacts
Do you remember that time when you could easily create groups of contacts like “Family”, “Colleagues”, and “University peers”? Pepperidge farm remembers. This function that was presented in all the old-school monstrous phones with polyphony is now simply ignored by Apple for some reason. It is pretty convenient in terms of fast sharing something with all the group members or customizing ringtones for groups and so on.

8. Customization of link sharing from browser
You just found a very cool link that you can’t wait to share with your friends. You select to share it and you have only 4 options: Message, Mail, Twitter and Facebook. As far as customization goes, you can only turn off the last 2 sharing options. There is no way you can share a link in Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Gmail and so on as you are not supposed to add any additional sharing ways. To share a link in other ways besides these 4, you can only copy the link and then proceed to the app and paste it.

9. Hints of already dialed numbers
It is very curious that this simple feature (that was presented even in the weapon of mass destruction, the Nokia 3310) isn’t present in the iPhone. You need to insert all the digits of a number or find it among dialed calls as you won’t have the list of dialed numbers with the same sequence of digits you are typing at the moment.

10. Wireless charging
This is also a long-term wish of iPhone users that so far hasn’t become true. We all know that all smartphones need to be charged frequently. Of course, it depends on what exactly you are doing and how exactly you are using the phone, but still, in general 2 days is the limit, even for not that active iPhone users. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could freely walk around and get your phone charged at the same time? It surely would! It would be very convenient as you wouldn’t have to depend on the location of the chosen outlet and the length of the charger’s cord.

11. NFC
Let’s image you went camping, or you are in a pub that is located in the basement, or you are on a plane. The situation is: there are no Wi-Fi networks available and mobile Internet is not working either. In such unbearable conditions you want to share some pictures or videos with other smartphone owners. NFC technology allows placing devices next to one another to transmit data between these phones. It can also be helpful if you don’t want to waste any traffic of your mobile Internet plan in transferring files of a large size. All in all, it is a very convenient feature and it would be nice to have it on the iPhone as well.

12. Swipe keyboard
This is a very convenient and brilliant way of using a keyboard. You don’t need to tap on every button that you want to use in your text; you simply swipe your fingers over those letters that should be used in a word in a sequence. It is perfectly fine if you make mistakes as this system is something you can train, teach and improve. The more often you use it, fewer mistakes occur.

Our team finds iPhone to be an awesome phone and this list we have created is not to say that iPhone is inconvenient, bad or of low quality. This list is our wishes or recommendations as users. It is a list of things that we would like to have at our hands in iPhone in the future that will help us refer to this device as a perfect smartphone for everyone.

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