7 Innovative Mobile Apps to Make Your Life Better in 2014

Innovative Mobile Apps Even if you are completely helpless in each and every sphere of life, you can successfully function thanks to mobile apps. Indeed, they track your sporting achievements, take care of your budget, handle your schedule, tune your musical instruments, and much more. Tons of outstanding apps are released every month; a curse and a blessing at the same time because one just physically can’t keep track of all the app releases. We are ready to give you a hand with that and share several apps that rocked the mobile society in 2014.

1. Reporter
If you keep asking yourself: “What am I doing with my life?” and can’t figure out how to change it for the better, Reporter can make things clear for you. This application asks you random questions during the day, and then shows your living flow as a diagram. Aside from default questions, you can set your own ones in case you are especially curious about certain aspects of your life. Furthermore, the app automatically tracks the weather, the number of steps taken, the noise level, and some other information that can help it draw the picture of your life.

2. selfie360
You won’t impress anyone with a regular old-school selfie in 2014. This trend has evolved recently thanks to selfie360. This is an iPhone app that allows you to take self-shots in new ways: portrait, panoramic view, or 3D. The trick is selfies are made as animated gifs, and the result is truly impressive.

3. Tidy
When your mobile device contains all the tools you need, it naturally gets littered with hundreds of photos and screenshots. Tidy automatically filters the elements by metadata and groups portraits, panoramic pictures, screenshots, photos made in different locations, and more. You can create albums in a single swipe and never waste time searching for a photo taken a long time ago.

4. Drum Pads 24
The idea of Drum Pads 24 is far from unique – one can remember music making and DJ applications released over a decade ago. However, professional music making remained inaccessible for mere mortals, and although it was possible to make music with software, it had nothing to do with free mobile apps. Basically, Drum Pads 24 comes very close to an ultimate solution: it allows users to make music without having any experience and special knowledge. As the title suggests, the program looks like pads, which are professional studio samples grouped by colors with a pitch effect for each pad. You can open this program on two iPads and rock the place as a professional bitmaker. Drum Pads 24 allows users to play dubstep, glitch, iDM, and trip hop on-the-go.

5. Sleep Cycle
Doctors say that lack of sleep is something that affects pretty much all spheres of your life. If you wake up every day and feel distressed and tired, it means that you sleep wrong. Sleep Cycle is a new app that tracks your sleeping patterns by exploring your night movements. It detects when you’re in the lightest phase of sleep and wakes you up when your body is ready. After a few weeks of using this app, you will doubtlessly find out that your overall condition and mood are way better than they used to be.

6. Zombies, Run!
Jogging is good for you, that’s an unquestionable truth, but the idea of waking up bright and early to run only looks attractive after munching on 5 Big Macs. Zombies, Run! is a brand new way to get you out of a cozy bed in the morning and make your jogging sessions fun and motivating. What it does is actually turn a tiresome routine into a game which contains thrilling zombie chase stories and epic music; you run faster when you run for your life. Thousands of App Store downloads won’t lie.

7. Sonarflow
There is a number of existing music discovery apps that are worth trying, but Sonarflow attracted us with its dynamic-wordcloud interface. Basically, the program analyzes your tastes in music by checking current playlists on your device and suggests related artists that you will probably like.

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