7 Websites to Play MS DOS Games

7 Websites to Play MS DOS GamesWhen you’re feeling nostalgic, you start thinking how awesome it was some time ago – the grass was greener, the sun was shining brighter, and everything was just better for some reason. When we young adults were kids, we didn’t have all the fancy devices with sleek intuitive interfaces that are around today. Instead, we had MS DOS, which was pretty monstrous; however, it was magical for us since it was a computer that had very cool (at that time) animated games. If you are ready for some quality time waste and want to play these classic MS DOS games today, check out our list of websites that offer you this amazing opportunity.

1. Software Library: MS DOS Games
This gem is definitely the best link we have managed to find and it is also the reason why it took us so long to write this post. There are as many as 4081 MS DOS games that you can play right in your browser. There’s also an option to add the games to your Favorites and share your reviews and read other users’ reviews of the games as well.

2. Play DOS games online
This website offers over 3800 old-school DOS games to play. The games are divided by their categories (action, adventure, card games, fighting games, shooters, racing, and others). All the games are opened in your browser and you can use your keyboard keys, mouse, or gamepads to play them.

3. Best Old Games
The Best Old Games website gives you the possibility to download MS DOS games that you can further play offline on your computer. The games can be sorted by their type (action, adventure, arcade, puzzle, RPG, racing, strategy, simulation, sports, and unsorted) and by alphabetical order.

4. RetroGames.cz
The total number of available games on this website is 960. As for the MS DOS games, there are 330 games of this type. A great feature of this website is that there is also Atari, Sega, Game Boy, and SNES games that you can play in your browser. Games can be sorted by their theme and by alphabetical order.

5. Gamezhero
Gamezhero is another great website that lets you play games online for free. There are 51 MS DOS games available on the website. Also, there’s a possibility to create an account on the website, and there’s a players list with the most hardcore gamers of the website. The only disadvantage of this website is that you’re requested to watch ads before the game starts.

6. Dos Games Archive
Dos Games Archive offers 255 DOS games that you can play online. The games can be sorted by category, year of release, file types, and groups of games. There’s a forum on the website available where you can communicate with fellow gamers. Also, there is a “Cheats” section of the resource where you can see the games with the cheats in the description.

7. Free games
Free games’ website offers around 600 various MS DOS games for downloading and playing offline on your computer. Games are grouped by their types, and you can also search the website for specific games. The discussion board is available along with a selection of cool links that might be helpful to gamers.

For those who’re looking for a way to entertain themselves online, playing MS DOS games in a browser might be a great idea. Let us know what your favorite old-school game is in the comments!

One thought on “7 Websites to Play MS DOS Games

  1. These are great games, but to me this is an accurate list top 15. Sum of these games, weren’t in this vid. Anyone have different opinion?
    1. Megaman X2
    2. Megaman X3
    3. Killer Instinct
    4.: Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
    5. Mortal Kombat 2.
    6. Turtles in Time
    7. X Men Mutant Apocalypse
    8. Street fighter
    9. Street Fighter 2
    10 Aladdin
    11. Super Mario All Stars
    12. Spiderman the animated series
    13. Donkey Kong Country
    14. Donkey Kong Country 2
    15. The Jungle Book

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