9 Cool Gadgets to Digitize Your Home

9 Cool Gadgets to Digitize Your HomeHome is where your phone’s charger is – this joke is definitely an up-to-date one. Thanks to the constant progress in modern technologies, even your home can become more digital and futuristic. There are so many cool electronic gadgets that you can stock your home with that it might turn out looking like one from the future. It’s a great idea to pamper yourself with some very cool home gadgets. In this article, we have listed 9 awesome gadgets and devices that you need right now for your home to make it more digital and, of course, cozy.

1. Mist humidifier/essential oil diffuser
To create a comfortable atmosphere in your home, you can use home humidifiers that obviously humidify the air with mist. Such gadgets also have very nice additional features – you can add drops of essential oils that would also be dispensed with the mist from the device.

2. Toothbrush and toothpaste dispenser
One of the first things that you do in the morning after you wake up is brush your teeth. You can pick a new toothbrush that can be paired with your smartphone via Bluetooth so you can track your progress in a digital way. Plenty of these brushes have ultrasonic modes that will take the process of brushing your teeth to a new level. In addition to that, there are motion-sense toothpaste dispensers that will provide you with a portion of toothpaste right when you place your toothbrush under it.

3. Motion-activated toilet nightlight
Having a motion-activated toilet night light is actually a very cool way to make your bathroom look futuristic and add some fun to your routine.

4. Bluetooth lock
Along with the interior of your home, your exterior can also become modernized. With the help of Bluetooth smart locks you can easily open your front door with the help of your smartphone. This gadget is actually very convenient since with its help, you can send the unlock keys to your friends and family members without any difficulties.

5. Temperature sensitive LED faucet light
The title of this home gadget speaks for itself. You install the light on your faucets and the light’s color will change depending on the temperature of the running water. This kitchen and bathroom gadget will definitely add a very cool accent to your home.

6. Touchless trash can
Trash cans have never been so posh and stylish! Not only do the modern trash cans look very sophisticated, but you can use them without even touching them. Select a touchless trash can that would be automatically opened every time you move something over it.

7. Electric salt and pepper grinder
This kitchen device might be not too essential, but it’s still a very cool gadget for the kitchen. Yes, you can grind your spices manually; it’s actually not that hard. But having an electric grinder is definitely much more fun.

8. Motion-sensor activated lighting lamp
Gone are the days when you had to manually switch the light on and off. Simply invest in motion-sensor activated lighting and you will save some money on the electricity bills since the lights will be on only when you are present. In addition to that, it looks very modern and cool.

9. LED bathroom mirror
An LED bathroom mirror is a great way to make your bathroom look super futuristic. This detail will definitely literally brighten up your day and create perfect lighting in your bathroom.

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