Avast vs AVG: Free Antivirus Comparison

Avast vs AVGHaving a high-quality free antivirus program is vital for any regular computer user. Since Avast and AVG are the most popular programs in this field, we decided to dedicate this article to the review of Avast vs AVG battle. Antivirus software helps protect your devices against malicious attacks and things like spyware, malware, viruses, and brute force attacks.

Whilst this is important, we understand how difficult it can be to choose an antivirus. How do you know which programs are worthwhile and offer inexpensive, but effective protection? There are hundreds of different software to choose from so it can be daunting trying to find something suitable.

In this article, we compare two popular antivirus software choices to decide what is better: Avast or AVG. These are two well-known programs that offer excellent protection. We compare different aspects of their service including features, performance, ease of use, and protection.

Avast vs AVG: Features

Basic features are important as this dictates what the antivirus can do. Ideally, you want features like computer scans, malware protection, and browser protection so that your whole device and connection is secure.

Avast antivirus

Both the free version of Avast and the basic Internet Security package have good features. As standard, they protect against malware, provide Wi-Fi protection, and password security. The basic package goes beyond this and scans for phishing, malicious apps, firewall protection, and ransomware security. In short, the different package levels offer good features.

Avast Free Antivirus

AVG free antivirus

The basic AVG AntiVirus Free has decent features including a file shield, behavior shield, ransomware protection, and network inspector. You can also run network scans. The advanced version offers additional features such as enhanced privacy features, payment protection, and a good quality two-way firewall. There are also various features to protect your emails and internet browsing.

AVG free antivirus

AVG vs Avast: System Performance

Having a free antivirus that protects your device is vital, however, it should not impede the functionality of your device. Some software, for example, can use a high percentage of your system memory and thus make it difficult to do basic tasks.

Avast free antivirus software

Avast is an unobtrusive protection software that doesn’t use much system memory. It has a relatively high-performance rating and you should not notice much difference when using your device. The main areas it will slow performance slightly is slower program installation (because of file scanning), and slower access to some websites (Again because of scanning for malicious content).


Similar to Avast, AVG also has a good performance rating. It is also an unobtrusive free antivirus that will not impact your day-to-day computer operations. Both with Avast or AVG, you may experience slower software installation, slower web access, and slower software operation, but the difference is negligible.

Avast vs AVG: Protection

This is one of the most important aspects – what protection does the free antivirus provide? Does it protect against malware and ransomware? What about email and internet browsing? Can it protect multiple computers and mobile devices?


Avast antivirus has good protection including malware, viruses, malicious apps, firewall protection, phishing, ransomware, webcam spying, file protection, and Wi-Fi security protection. From independent antivirus software testing labs, Avast’s malware protection scored a 5.5/6 this is good, but not the best score possible. For the basic user, this level of protection should suffice.

Avast antivirus


AVG free software provides malware protection, viruses, an advanced firewall, file encryption, filters for malicious emails and links, phishing detection, ransomware protection, and a file shredder. From the same independent testing labs, AVG also scored a 5.5/6 for malware protection. There is not much to choose between the two free antivirus programs for basic threat-protection.

AVG Antivirus Free

Avast vs AVG: Ease of Use

Usability is also something to consider. Unless you have a high level of technical knowledge, you want an antivirus program that is simple to use. What does the interface look like? Does it have a simple control panel and can you access the different features easily?


When using Avast free antivirus you will notice the excellent interface. It has a straightforward toolbar and layout from which you can easily find the different features and scan options. There is a visible status monitor that shows the status of various features and you are shown a large green checkmark if everything is operating as it should be.


AVG free antivirus also has a user-friendly interface. The main screen shows the five key areas of protection – computer, web, identity, email, and firewall. As with Avast, these different icons have a checkmark and are highlighted green when antivirus protection is enabled and running correctly. There are also simple scanning options and all the tools are easy to access.

AVG vs Avast: Pricing

Whilst the price shouldn’t be the overriding factor, it must be given consideration. You may, for example, only have a set budget to spend on antivirus software. Is there a monthly price plan? Or a one-off payment? Is there a free version available? If so, does it provide complete protection? Is an antivirus for Android included to the package?


There is a free version of Avast antivirus available which offers limited features and protection. After this, the basic package is the Avast Internet Security – you can purchase either a single-device license or multi-device license. The single-license cost is currently $59.99 per year which is OK. If you want premium antivirus protection, there is Avast Ultimate too which currently costs $119.99 per year for a single license.


The AVG pricing structure is a little better. The basic AVG Internet Security package is more expensive at $79.99 per year; however, this can be installed on up to 10 devices. It could also be argued that the free version of AVG is more extensive than the Avast free software. Also, AVG Ultimate offers unlimited usage and licenses for $99.99 per year which is again great value for families with multiple devices.

So what is the best antivirus software? In terms of performance, protection, and features, there is little to choose between Avast or AVG. Both have different tiers of protection and offer comprehensive malware and virus protection for the average computer user.

Also, both programs are extremely easy to set up and use. We would, however, give a slight edge to AVG free antivirus. This is purely due to the pricing. AVG is slightly cheaper for a single-use license, but it also has a better pricing plan for multiple devices. For families with multiple devices in different households, AVG would offer a substantial saving without compromising quality.

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