Best Browser: Top 5 Review

Best web browserIt is a fact that we spend a lot of our time browsing the internet. Thus, finding the best browser for your needs is a very important task. We do use plenty of apps however accessing any website from one app or software is very convenient. Web browsers have become one of those things that we take for granted and rarely think about.

When you logon to your computer or laptop, one of the first things you do is probably open your Internet browser and do a little surfing. Also, when using your smartphone, you most likely open your web browser to look at news feeds, or do some online shopping, for example.

Browsers are ingrained into our daily routine and a big part of our lives in this technological world. In terms of browser choice, many people simply stick with the application pre-installed on their smartphone or computer. However, there is a decent range of web browsers available and this is something you should give consideration. In this guide, we look at the five best browser applications for your benefit.

What to Look for in a Web Browser?

So what constitutes a good browser? Firstly, it should have an intuitive layout and controls. Most browsers follow a common design ethos – you can expect tabbed browsing, and the ability to create bookmarks, for example.

Secondly, it should offer great security and privacy. Security features to look for include pop-up blockers, encrypted connections, and anonymous web browsing. Finally, performance is also important. An Internet browser should give you a fast and enjoyable experience and allow you to view multimedia websites and content without any issues.

1. Google Chrome – most popular web browser

Chrome browser

Google Chrome is the most used web browser in the world. This browser has an excellent set of features, a simple layout, and decent browsing speeds. One of the main drawbacks is that it has been known to consume system resources. If you have multiple tabs and multimedia content open simultaneously, you may notice some lag on your device. Make sure you clear cache of your browser once in a while to improve its performance.

That being said, Chrome browser has full tabbed browsing, an expansive bookmarks system, and you can enhance the functionality of this browser using lots of plugins. It also allows you to sync your info across multiple devices such as a computer, laptop, and smartphone.

Google browser also has a good set of security features, for example, it can warn you if your email has been tampered with, and has a native pop-up blocker.

Our Rating: 10 / 10

Pros Cons
  • Great cross-platform compatibility
  • Simple and clean interface
  • Large number of extensions and add-ons
  • Account synchronization on multiple devices
  • Secure browser you can rely on
  • Can consume system resources
  • Large program size

2. Mozilla Firefox – customizable Internet browser

Firefox browser

Mozilla Firefox is another huge name in the browser market and was the best browser during the early days of no Chrome, and when Internet Explorer was the main contender. It remains an excellent product and is one of the fastest browsers available. We previously made a Chrome vs Firefox comparison as these 2 programs remain the top browser choices.

It excels at security and privacy and includes a standard pop-up blocker, and email protection. Also, this secure browser blocks things like fingerprint browser tracking.

One of the best features of Firefox browser is its customization. You can change many features of the browser including its layout. Also, the menus are easy to use, and you can create a detailed favourites menu. Recent versions of this browser have also drastically improved its overall performance.

Our Rating: 10 / 10

Pros Cons
  • A flexible and customizable interface
  • Great privacy protection
  • Synchronization between the connected devices
  • A little slower than other browsers

3. Microsoft Edge – standard Windows built-in Internet browser

Microsoft Edge

Edge has taken over Internet Explorer as Microsoft’s primary web browser. It uses the Chromium engine and is a fantastic product that beats Microsoft’s old browser hands down.

It is much faster and streamlined, and users can enjoy a superb browsing experience with minimal strain on their system resources. There is also a good selection of add-ons including password protection and add-blockers. Overall, the performance is much better than both Chrome and Firefox.

Microsoft Edge also provides security and privacy features that are uncomplicated and easy to understand. There is a separate section in the browser settings and you can easily customize the security and privacy options.

Our Rating: 8 / 10

Pros Cons
  • Incredibly fast
  • A good set of clear privacy tools
  • Lightweight and secure browser
  • Microsoft pushes this browser too much

4. Opera – fast and lightweight browser

Opera browser

Opera browser often sits on the side-lines, but it is one of the best browsers and offers fantastic features and customization. Some useful features include the ability to IM from your browser, and the easy option to turn on its built-in add blocker.

We also love Opera browser’s VPN. You can easily turn this feature on and off, and you can change your location to the main continents. It doesn’t offer the same functionality as a dedicated VPN provider, but it is effective nonetheless.

Opera web browser also has a great design – it has a non-standard layout compare to other browsers, but it allows you to get the most out of your web browsing experience. Opera browser also performs really well and is one of the fastest browsers available.

Our Rating: 8 / 10

Pros Cons
  • Built-in VPN
  • A streamlined and aesthetically pleasing interface
  • Impressive speed of work
  • Sometimes difficult to use

5. Safari – secure browser from Apple

Safari browser

Finally we have Safari. This is Apple’s main Internet browser although it has been overshadowed somewhat by Chrome browser in recent years. Nonetheless, it remains a popular choice and has been revamped with a host of excellent features.

One of its best security features is fingerprint tracking. This primarily prevents hackers from tracking your info, but it also means you can sign in to popular apps like Facebook and Google much quicker.

Safari browser also performs well and is quite fast. Its user interface is also easy to understand and it has fantastic customization options. It of course syncs across multiple platforms such as your iPad, iPod, and iPhone.

Our Rating: 8 / 10

Pros Cons
  • Has fingerprint tracking
  • Integration between various Apple devices
  • Slower for full support with HTML5

Consider Your Options and Upgrade Your Browser Today

As you can see, there is great contention for the best browser. We advise everyone to check this list and think about which browser would be the best choice for you.

Choosing the right web browser is important for your security, privacy, and overall user experience. Don’t simply settle for the browser that was pre-installed on your device – it is not always the best option available. Whichever browser you use, make sure you’re visiting only the reliable websites of HTTPS protocol for your personal data safety.

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