10 Best Dating Apps of 2022

Best Dating Apps of 2016Dating apps is one of the best solutions for modern people to connect. We all are busy working, learning new things, trying out new hobbies, and making our life complete but we can’t help but wish to find someone to… well, what for was it again? At least a half online dating users aren’t actually searching for a commitment and don’t really want to find someone to have a big loving family with when uploading such apps.

Before the pandemic, we used to use the dating apps to actually go out on dates, to meet someone new when abroad, to visit a nice exhibition together with an art aficionado, to grab a drink, or simply to chat. During pandemic, we were left with the last option but it helped people unite, be that romantic interaction or just a random friendly talk. Check out our review of the best dating apps of 2022.

1. Tinder – the most popular dating app, or ‘I was curious and bored, so I decided to install it’

Tinder is probably the first app you think of when someone mentions online dating apps. You create a profile based on your Facebook page or simply enter your phone number/e-mail and your name. That’s it. You can start swiping to find someone who’s searching for the same as you are, which can be anything in the universe: love, friendship, leisure, FWB, or whichever vibes you match.

Tinder being one of the most popular dating apps all over the world made its Tinder Gold Passport feature free when the quarantine began so that people could meet each online other all over the world without paying anything (with Tinder’s free version, you can only meet someone who’s around in 70 km or so). When the borders started being open again, a lot of couples united offline, too.

Those who simply don’t have time to go out yet would be happy to meet someone for a long-term relationship know that Tinder is infamous for its regular ONS dates. But then again, it’s still one of the best dating apps, and there are 60 million monthly active users up there. The one who seeks finds!

2. OkCupid – easy to use online dating app

OkCupid has been around for a while and it has millions of registered users. Besides setting up your profile you also get to answer various questions that can help this dating app find you the best possible match.

When you are interested in a profile you can check how the person answered these questions, which is a highly convenient way to quickly understand what this person is all about. Also on OkCupid, you can send personal messages, search for people nearby and, of course, search for matches.

3. Bumble – feminist online dating app

The interface of Bumble looks pretty similar to Tinder’s one and it was actually launched by a former Tinder executive which means an experienced approach to dating apps making. Both apps have a great number of monthly users, both apps are dating apps, their interfaces look pretty alike, both have free and pro versions, isn’t it just a copy of a giant of the industry? What’s the difference between Tinder and Bumble, one might ask – and there are two main ones.

First of all, romantic, friendly, and business communication is separated in 3 modes so that you don’t get confused and don’t confuse others with what exactly you are searching for. That’s a nice thing indeed but there’s also a controversial difference.

On Bumble, only those who identify themselves as women are allowed to send the first message, or to make the first move. If you identify yourself as a man, there’s no way you can send the first message to a woman you’ve matched with on this dating apps.

Apparently, the goal was to eliminate the stereotype that a man is always the one to win a lady, and this online dating app’s feature was aiming to set an equal tone from the start, as it’s said on the website. We are not sure that there should be any gender division, specifically on dating apps. On Tinder, you are able to either send the first message, or receive it, no matter of what gender you are, and this is what we believe a more equal approach is.

Nonetheless, as we already mentioned, it’s controversial but obviously not wrong. Millions of users find this app’s philosophy a breeze of fresh air, and it shows. Besides, Bumble is one of the best gay dating apps – all the settings are neutral, and LGBTQ+ can use it with no limitations.

4. Match.com – one of the oldest dating websites on the market

Match.com is one of the largest online dating services that was launched over 20 years ago (wow!). As soon as you register there you can pick what you are looking for: serious relations, you are not sure, or nothing serious.

You can customize your profile, send messages and winks to other users, like their profiles and add them to your favorites. While searching for your potential SO you can browse Mutual Match, Daily Matches and Reserve Match filters. This dating app offers a Premium account with personal assistance in setting up your profile and finding the right person for you.

5. Raya – one of the most exclusive dating apps, or Tinder for super-famous

Demi Lovato, Ben Affleck, Channing Tatum, Cara Delevingne, Alexander Wang, Matthew Perry, and many more world-famous celebrities used to use this dating app.

Ok, how do we get you there? Here are the requirements for joining this dating website:

  1. You are famous on Instagram (you have to have thousands or millions of followers)
  2. You have a creative profession (artists, musicians, models, actors, etc. are there but if you were once helping your university group mate with an art-house movie which had 79 views on Instagram it’s not exactly what you Raya needs you to be)
  3. You have to have someone on Raya who recommends you (if you are gifted, and creative, and fun, and handsome, and everything you surely have such a referee, right?)

If you are reading this and feel that you aren’t going to pass the screening for this dating app yet, it’s great to know that at least it exists. If you ever wondered how celebrities find someone if they are so busy working and traveling around, here’s how. Thank us later when you become famous and need to find someone of your kind!

6. PlentyOfFish – full-featured free dating app

PlentyOfFish is a popular free dating service where you can insert information about yourself such as your age, height, religion, personality type, ethnicity, education, profession and your intent on the POF community. You can filter the profiles by gender, age, intentions, ethnicity, and location, which is definitely convenient.

The possibility to send messages, add profiles to your favorites and see who viewed your profile are also available. For finding a better match for you, this dating app offers personality tests. All the above-listed features are available to all users at no charge.

7. Pure – hookup dating app, so that you don’t send nudes on Tinder anymore

If you aren’t searching for anything serious right now, you have to know that you are definitely not alone. Pure, or Pure joy, or Pure sex, is a dating app that helps people have a great time together and find no strings sex according to their preferences. It’s not the best dating app for serious relationship, which you could’ve guessed, but it’s one of the best hookup apps.

On Pure, your privacy matters even more than anywhere, we suppose. You might send private pictures (which one can’t save or make a screenshot of), or say something that’s not meant to be shared elsewhere. Your data is secure; this dating app wouldn’t have such a mass of people using it otherwise.

There’s one thing about this dating app that confuses us: for girls, Pure is free to use, while guys would have to pay. They say it’s worth it either way, but we found this approach a bit disappointing to such a modern philosophy of this hookup app.

8. eHarmony – one of the most serious online dating apps

eHarmony is an online dating service that offers a unique algorithm of match finding. The registration on this site starts with a ton of questions, which will help to find your better half.

This dating app will be great for those who are wanting serious relationships since those who are looking for something casual won’t spend their time answering countless questions. eHarmony also has a blog where you can read plenty of dating and relationship advice.

9. Happn – low-key hookup dating app

The idea of Happn is pretty unique and quite smart – the profiles of this dating app are matched according to common locations. You won’t see other users until they happen to visit the same places as you within a 250 meter radius. We don’t want to say that Happn’s been designed as a hookup dating app but the majority of users say that they’d post probably use this dating app for this purpose.

If your paths cross, you can see your match’s profile and pictures, like the profile, add it to your favorites and send personal messages.

10. Toffee – dating app for those, who were privately educated

Toffee is an app for online dating that has just the same interface as Tinder or Bumble. You enter your data and start swiping until you find someone you like, then you swipe right, you chat, you meet, that’s it. There’s one condition under which you can start using this dating app: you have to be privately educated.

Yes, you two have similar background which matters a lot. Yes, you can even have mutual friends (if it’s an advantage) but we see this approach as a prejudgment which we don’t really enjoy. These are only our preferences, though, and you might find somebody there, too, despite the low rating (2.8 out of 5 on App Store) and not so many users. Sometimes less is more, we guess..?

Thanks to the integration of the Internet everywhere, online dating services have become a casual thing rather than something odd or awkward. With so many various hookup and dating apps you are just a couple of taps away from your perfect match. However if you don’t feel like dating and wish to spend the upcoming holiday on your own, you can have more fun with the websites for singles on Valentine’s Day.

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