Best Email Apps for Your Smartphone

Best Email Apps for Your SmartphoneEverybody gets emails and checks them on a regular basis. Even though some might say that messengers are much more convenient to stay in touch with friends, emails are still the best way to communicate with your colleagues and customers, to receive newsletters, to confirm orders, etc. Having an email app installed on your smartphone is a necessary thing, and there are plenty of apps for email management existing today. If you don’t know which one to choose, take a look at our review of the best free email apps for your smartphone.

Gmail (Android, iOS)
Gmail is a free email app for Google accounts. Obviously this app is only capable to work with Gmail, however you can add multiple accounts of this mail service to the app. The notifications of the program can be turned on for all mail, unsorted mail or turned off. The signature and autoreply mode can also be enabled or disabled. Although there are not that many advanced features offered, Gmail is a great, simple-to-use, and stable email app.

Microsoft Outlook (formerly Acompli) (Android, iOS)
Microsoft Outlook email app is a great email management app supporting the connection of multiple email accounts. This app offers the Focused feature that keeps the important messages at the top, filters for smart organization of the incoming letters, and integration with a calendar. Another nice feature is that Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) can not only be opened but edited as well within this email app.

CloudMagic (Android, iOS)
CloudMagic is a free email app with a bright, minimalistic interface. Its major advantage is that it supports the connection of multiple emails within the app. Also, the program lets you lock it with a password, which is an amazing feature, and users can customize the color scheme and the alert sounds for the notifications. It works perfectly with multiple messages at the same time (you can move or delete them in bulk).

Google Inbox (Android, iOS)
Google Inbox is a recently new mobile app from Google for convenient Gmail use. Google Inbox is great for receiving media data, for example if you receive an image or a video, you’ll see its thumbnail under the message in the preview. In addition to that, you can see addresses on maps if provided or flight information, and this makes the app really vivid. Google Inbox also provides a ‘Pinning’ feature to mark important messages and reminders (scheduled tasks with a location tag).

TypeApp (formerly Blue Mail) (Android, iOS)
TypeApp is a free, simple-to-use email app that helps to connect multiple email accounts. It supports scheduled protection of emails, has a ‘quiet hours’ mode, and allows for customizing the alert sounds per an account. This email app can assign an individual signature to each account, can mark emails as “Done” (it is kept in your inbox, but doesn’t appear in the app), and supports quick filters for better message filtering.

myMail (Android, iOS)
myMail is a free email app that not only helps to connect already existing email accounts, but to create new ones of the following type: One of the features we found quite useful was that you can select the account from which an email will be sent after you click the button to create a new message. Customized signatures and badges for emails are available in the myMail app. Quiet time mode and locking an app with a custom PIN is also supported.

As you can see, there are plenty of free email apps for you to manage your inbox like a boss. The only thing left for you is to pick the best one for your needs.

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