Best Fitness Apps for a Healthier Lifestyle

Best Fitness AppsFebruary is the high time for everyone to start creating their summer body. Obviously, after a couple of gym visits you won’t get ripped as it is a time consuming process that requires your dedication and hard work. However, you reap what you sow, so the more intensively you start – the sooner you’ll be ready for the upcoming beach season. Luckily, you can look for help on your smartphone to release the tension of a workout routine if you are a newbie to the fitspiration movement. With the help of several apps you can easily balance your diet and workout plan without any expenses on trainers and nutritionists. Check out the best fitness apps we found and reviewed to help you get in better shape.

Fitness and workout apps:

Argus (iOS)
This app is a great helper to monitor your physical activities and calories burnt and consumed. On launching it you’ll be asked to insert your gender, weight and height. Then you’ll be able to add one of the types of exercises available (there are a lot to choose from), and the statistics of your progress is shown in a graphic way. Along with that you can add data such as pictures and the amount of food you took and the volume of water, coffee and tea you drank as well. The program has a social component so you can find and add friends, share your progress and comment on others’. This app works with other devices like Pebble, RunKeeper app and others.

Fitocracy (Android, iOS)
Fitocracy is a great app for those whose best motivation is competition. Here you can not only insert data about your current workout process, but create a plan for you to stick to. For completion of some tasks you can get points and trophies, you can add friends and challenge them as well. The list of the activities to choose from, again, is very wide, so there are a lot of badges that you would want to unlock for sure. Calorie counter and advice given to you by program are also great pluses of this app.

FitStar (iOS)
On launching FitStar you’ll not only need to insert your weight and height, you also complete a test in the beginning to state your physical form: after the test you complete a survey on the difficulty of the test. To complete a set of exercises you need to select the group of muscles you want to train and then select the type of the exercise. A video showing you the right technique will appear and you only need to follow the trainer’s instructions. It’s possible to put it on pause and get back to it after you have a break. On completion you’ll be asked to rate how difficult it was. FitStar is also compatible with fitness bracelets and Apple TV.

The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout (Android, iOS)
The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout is basically your virtual personal trainer that shows you what exercises to complete during 7 minutes. When you launch this app for the first time, you’ll be required to estimate your current physical strength level. Based on this value you’ll be given different types of exercises to complete. You can stick to the app’s default audio or work out to your favorite music. The only important feature this app probably lacks is a calorie counter. However, it is very convenient to use for those who don’t have sufficient time to go to the gym but are ready to dedicate 7 minutes of their time to working out.

Jefit (Android, iOS)
Jefit is an app that is different from those we’ve talked about before. This is your personal notebook for the gym in which you insert information about your weightlifting exercises. You select the type of exercises, the weight, number of reps and a timer for the interval. The right technique for each type of workout is shown to you with animations and the number of exercises to choose from is pretty impressive. Statistics of your exercises, your current program of training and logs can be accessed from the main screen of the program.

Food, nutrition and calorie counter apps:

MyFitnessPal (Android, iOS)
MyFitnessPal is probably the most popular calorie counter that you can find today. To start, you should insert your age, weight and height, and then you can set desired weight goals and improvements in your nutrition and in your workouts. The program calculates the number of calories you need to consume on a daily basis to reach your dream weight. For better results you need to insert your meals and types of workout that you complete regularly. You’ll see the number of calories of each meal that you took, plus a whole nutrition list of all the vitamins and microelements. Your personal progress is seen as a graph and the program warns you in case you are out of the planned diet program.

Lose It! (Android, iOS)
Lose It! is also a great app for weight watchers: you insert what you eat for each meal, you add exercises you complete, and you see your nutrition of fats/carbs/proteins as a pie chart. You can see calories consumed per day and the app shows you how many calories you can take until the end of the day which is also very convenient. A built-in barcode scanner can help you to calculate and input the calories of consumed food in an even easier way.

Fooducate (Android, iOS)
This app is your helper when doing groceries. You scan the food’s barcodes and the program gives you grades of how healthy it is, and tells you about its value and its negative sides. Judging by the type of product scanned, the program can offer you better and healthier alternatives of it. If the product is not yet in the app’s database you can always add a new one. Along with that, there is a great feature to create groceries lists; you can see each item to buy with a corresponding grade. If the grade is low, you can simply replace this item with a healthier one.

My Diet Coach – Weight loss motivation for women & a calorie counter (Android, iOS)
This app’s target audience is women and everything here is created in a way to release the tension of dieting. Upon installation you’ll be asked to insert your current and desired weight, like how in other similar apps you insert data about your meals and exercises. You can add pictures to the app so they serve your motivation. Plus, when you need some advice, go to the Tips section and find the subject on which you want to get a good tip.

Carrot Fit (iOS)
This is a pretty cruel (from our point of view) app where your avatar with extra weight cries if you don’t follow your diet plan and doesn’t lose any weight. After its setup you insert your current and target weight. Along with that you input calories consumed and exercises completed. The statistics of your weight loss is shown as a graph and you can see your progress clearly.

There are so many motivational apps available today – apps that tell you directly what to eat and what exercises to complete, how many calories you should burn and consume, which food is better for you, and so on. Use your phone to the maximum in order to get in better shape and become a healthier person.

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