Best Free Movie Apps

Free Movie AppsOur smartphones have recently become much more to us than devices that make calls and send text messages. A person can easily live without a PC by using a mobile phone instead. There are so many apps released lately that you can turn your phone into a music player, a calorie counter, a hotspot, a gaming console, a map and so on. This can also be applied to watching movies and TV series where there is a whole bunch of apps for searching for what to watch, checking out trailers, finding the nearest theaters to watch movies and to enjoy what you want right on the screen of your device. Check out our list of the best free movie apps we reviewed below.

Netflix (Android, iOS)
This app deserves to be listed in the first place spot in this list as it basically doesn’t require an explanation as to what it is. It’s a Netflix service on the go on your mobile phone. With this app you can watch all your favorite TV series and movies right on your smartphone.

IMDB (Android, iOS)
This is an app that any movie fan can’t live without. Indeed, if you want to decide whether or not to watch something, you go check its rating, trailer and description on IMDB. You can browse for personalities, check similar movies or TV episodes, see other users’ lists and finally decide what to watch next.

Movies by Flixster (Android, iOS)
Movies by Flixster is a great way to track what’s new in theaters and find the closest theaters to you. Within this app you can also watch movie trailers in HD, read their Rotten Tomatoes reviews, create your list of movies you want to watch and add movies to the watch queue on Netflix.

Crackle (Android, iOS)
Crackle is an app for watching movies and TV series right on your smartphone. Simply go to the Movies or Shows tabs and select what you want to watch – it’s as simple as it sounds. You can also create your personal watch lists in this app.

SeriesGuide (Android) and iShows 2 (iOS)
Those who follow all sorts of TV shows have the very same problem – they don’t remember which episode they watched last and when the next episode will be released. By means of these 2 apps (one for Android and another one for iPhone), tracking TV series’ episodes has become so simple – just hit the button to mark an episode as watched.

RunPee (Android, iOS)
The creator of this app is no doubt a genius and a frequent movie goer. RunPee helps you to find the best moment to leave the theater in order not to miss an important part of a movie. They also have a description of what you missed when nature called you away from the theater.

Viewster (Android, iOS)
Viewster is a free mobile app for watching movies, TV shows and trailers online. The interface is very clean and the list of the selected items to watch is great (however there’s still room for improvement). So if you’re looking for an app to help you spend good time for a few hours, Viewster will do.

There are plenty of mobile apps that are great for finding the best movies for you, creating and tracking your watch list and even watching movies right on your phone. Use them all to manage your movie watching process on the go.

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