Best Free Online Services for Christmas Cards Creation

Online Services for Christmas Cards CreationSome time ago, sending New Year and Christmas cards was only possible via mail. It took time to prepare the cards and sign them and it took a while for them to be delivered to their addressees, but, even so, the feeling of joy of a unique card from your beloved ones was incredible. Today, it takes a couple of seconds for a card to be created, sent and delivered which is no doubt much more convenient. Some might say that the ecards are too standard and you don’t feel they are exactly and specially for you, but we are here to help you to look at the online greetings cards from a completely different angle. We have picked the best free personalized ecard sending and creation services for you to use to surprise your friends and relatives over the Internet.

123 Greetings
This is one of the most classic and flawlessly functioning resources for creating free personalized ecards. The awesome thing is you don’t need an account or integration with social networks (unless you want to) to use their services. You simply pick a template, add text, and the sender and receiver’s information and the card will be sent right away or at a specific time or date (you can schedule its sending easily). Users can also create their personal contact lists on this website for even easier card sending.

CrossCards is a resource of very cute ecards, wallpapers and Facebook covers. The name speaks for itself – the images that are available here are pure and Christian, so if you are looking for sweet ecards, you’ll sure find this website to be a helpful one.

Blue Mountain
Super cute animated cards can be found here where you can pick a card with a character and type in text that you want this character to pronounce, select the voice with which the text will be read to the receiver and send it. Again, with the huge selection of cards, this is a paid service, which includes a 7 day trial, so use it wisely. They also offer online stationery, printable cards and some free downloads.

Some Ecards
Not exactly an online card sending service, but this is our type of website so we included it here. These cards are for saving as images and sending as attachments, but the great thing is you can customize your own – select a background, add text and voila – your awesome witty and hilarious ecard is ready.

Care2 Ecards
The selection of ecards here is rather wide; they are funny but in a classic way. Add text, a stamp, and schedule sending out this card if needed. Integration with Facebook and Twitter allows you to share the cards over these social networks as well.

This service is great because it allows manual customization of your cards, like selection and placing various elements, addition of photos, and creation of comics and invitations. Using this service you will be sure that the person you want to send a card to will not have the same card from a different person. One minus of this ecard maker is when you send cards over email they have watermarks, but you are free to save a created masterpiece as an image and send it as an attachment.

Rotten eCards
You won’t find ecards to send to your nonna here, but you will see a huge variety of cards that your sarcastic friends with a twisted sense of humor will love. These ecards are rude, but witty and funny. Feel free to send these cards via email, embed them or upload your own ones to fulfill the website collection.

Greetings Island
This service is for the creation of cards, invitations, and envelopes. You can create a card and either send it by email right away or save it as a picture on your PC. Scheduled sending is not supported, but the variety of cute and sweet cards is pretty wide. Along with that, here users can upload their own images and create cards and invitations with their own images.

This is a very funny service where you get to create animated cards and use your own photos and put faces on them as faces of characters from the funny cards by JibJab. They have so many topics and scenarios to choose from, however not all of them are free – they do have a trial account version where some of the cards can be used for free. As a smart decision, we recommend checking their coupon codes once in a while.

Sending ecards (especially scheduled ones) is a task that takes a couple of minutes; however this will sure make the recipients very happy and surprised to get them. Select any of the services we listed to send out the best ecards for Christmas to your friends and family.

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