Best PayPal Alternatives

PayPal AlternativesPayPal has been on the market for years, and millions of its users have been turning to this payment system since forever. Indeed, it is quite convenient, secure and everybody uses it. However, the technologies evolve and PayPal today is not the one and only tool for transaction of payments. All the PayPal alternatives have their own specific features and can offer different options to its users. You never know until you try! That’s why today we will speak about the best PayPal alternatives that are represented on the market today.

Google Wallet
Google has already reached every corner and aspect of our lives and our financial side is not an exclusion. Google Wallet lets you transfer money from various types of supported credit cards to your Google Wallet account, which you can use to pay off your purchases. Using Google Wallet is free: the transfer free from credit cards to the account is 2.9%, which is quite reasonable. Another cool thing is that if your Android supports the NFC feature, you can use your phone as a wallet right on the registry. How awesome is that?

Skrill is a great payment system that also offers their own physical credit card that you can use for free: Skrill Prepaid Mastercard (cash withdrawal and annual card fees are included, though). The commission for sending payments is 1% and limited by 10 Euros. The fee for transferring funds from credit cards to your Skrill account is 1.9%. Skrill is widely used all over the world and offers a high level of security to its users.

Payza is a payment transaction system that is supported in multiple countries worldwide and thus it lets users work with various currencies, which is also pretty convenient. To receive funds on your Payza account you pay 2.5% plus a quarter. To send funds is free of charge. As for adding funds to your Payza account from a credit card, you have to pay a 7% fee. You can also use bank wire, bitcoin or bank transfer to add funds, which for some users might turn out to be more convenient.

WePay is a payment system that claims itself to be highly secure in usage. Plus, it’s very easy to turn to while shopping online thanks to the fact that when you’re using WePay, you don’t have to leave the current page you are on. As for the fees, you pay 2.9% plus $0.30 when you use your credit card for making payments.

Amazon Payments
Another PayPal alternative that you can rely on thanks to its name is Amazon Payments. The shortcoming of the Amazon Payments system is that you can only use it within the US (users need a SSN, and there are credit cards issues in the US). However, if you’re a frequent Amazon user you’ll be able to benefit from special discounts thanks to Amazon WebPay. Plus you can login into it using your Amazon account, which is also pretty convenient. The commission fee is just like the one of WePay – 2.9% plus $0.30.

Stripe is a payment system that supports multiple currencies, and Bitcoins as well, plus they accept a variety of international credit cards. They also offer a reliable support system that helps you to dispute your payments if needed. It takes Stripe 2 days to process a transaction made, and the fee they charge is 2.9% and an additional $0.30.

Dwolla is a perfect PayPal alternative when it comes to small transactions – the fee limit is $10, and payments higher than this amount will cost you as much as $0.25. However, to process a money wire both the sender and receiver should have a Dwolla account, which is actually not a problem since this system is really easy to use. So far Dwolla only works on US territory.

As you can see, there are plenty of PayPal alternatives released on the market today. Maybe it’s right about time to find something new to pay with? Try out something new from our list to see if it’ll work for you!

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