Best Recipe Websites

Best Recipe WebsitesGone are the days of endless calls to mom or nonna with questions about cooking. How do I know if pasta is al dente if I have no clue what it means? How am I supposed to cook until ready when there is no explanation in a recipe? If these are just a couple of questions you have, you will most likely go and browse recipe websites for full guides on how to prepare a certain meal. However, if you Google such resources you’ll find out that there is a huge amount of cooking blogs, websites and communities. Where do you begin? We collected and reviewed our favorite recipe websites and would like to share them with you, Jamie Oliver to be.

The first website that comes to mind when thinking about anything crafty, including cooking, is Pinterest. There is a “Food & Drink” category available where you can find a whole bunch of recipes. You’re sure to get excited by pretty pictures and try to embody their recipes. The trick is not to get featured on Pinterest Fail in the end.

Allrecipes is probably one the most popular cooking websites. It is a huge community of people sharing their recipes. You can search within the website and browse meals by category so it is highly convenient to make a final choice of which meal to cook for a certain occasion. Each recipe has a preparation time, cooking time and the overall time the meal takes to complete. Directions are easy to understand plus there are reviews with comments on each recipe so you can make some adjustments to the initial recipe based on other people’s suggestions.

Food Network
Food Network is another huge and popular website for checking out recipes. They are collected in packs so you can easily find an alternative recipe from a bunch if one didn’t work out for you. Preparation, cooking and total time values are provided for each recipe. In addition to that there is also an amount of servings and level of cooking skills required. Ingredients are listed and the directions are very clear. is an awesome recipe website where each recipe is reviewed by users, similar to Allrecipes. has a preparation, cooking and total time plus a genius feature – you can insert the number of servings and each ingredient’s cooking time is automatically calculated so that you don’t overcook/starve. Nutrition facts and the possibility to switch between US and metric units are also available.

The Kitchn
The Kitchn is a project dedicated not only to recipes, but to the whole kitchen. Each recipe is posted like a blog article so it is pretty convenient to follow the instructions. The ingredients are listed and servings are also noted. At the end of each recipe there are notes that are basically tips and tricks for better meal execution. Nutrition facts are also provided at the bottom of each recipe.

Yummly is a very popular recipe website that has plenty of unique features that make it huge in its niche. You can see trending recipes, check your favorites (based on your suggestions), mark you dietary requirements, and read other Yummly user’s reviews. As for the recipes, the number of ingredients, nutrition facts, and total time required is provided. In addition to that, the number of servings is adjustable and switching US units to metric is supported. divides recipes into categories and subcategories so finding something to cook when you have no clue what exactly you want is a piece of cake. Another pretty awesome feature is the “What’s in your pantry?” function. Insert up to 3 ingredients and the search will offer you the most relevant meals using the products you entered. Video recipes, user reviews and nutrition facts are available for recipes on this website. Another cool option is the ‘ingredients on sale’ alert – you have a dollar sign notification in the list of products needed for the meal preparation.

There are plenty of awesome and helpful recipe websites that can help you with preparing and cooking meals. Try them out to find the one that will bring you from zero to hero in cooking in no time!

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