Best Video Sharing Websites

Video Sharing WebsitesWhen you are bored, or when you want to find clear instructions on how to do something or to get to know the latest news, the best way to do it is to watch corresponding videos. Indeed, all the information is consumed much better if it’s a video. The best resource of videos is of course the Internet, but which websites are the best resources to enjoy various video materials? Today on Tech Digest we have listed and reviewed the best video sharing websites for various purposes.

No need to represent this one, really; YouTube is the first video sharing website that comes to mind. This website is visited by millions of people all over the world and a crazy amount of media content is uploaded and watched on this resource daily. If not for the annoying ads, this website would be the perfect video sharing site for sure.

We see Vimeo as a Pinterest for videos, although some might disagree with that. Vimeo can be referred to as a ‘hipster version of YouTube’; you won’t find fail compilations here or anything like that. Just like on YouTube there are videos by categories, personal channels, likes and comments and user collections of videos.

Dailymotion is a lesser popular analog of YouTube. Here you can find a whole bunch of videos of different categories: there are popular videos, video channels, subscriptions, likes, comments. Basically, there is not much of a difference between Dailymotion and YouTube except for the level of popularity and thus the amount of uploaded content available.

Vevo is mostly associated with YouTube as recently it has become the most popular music platform. This website allows you to watch music videos and other media materials connected with your favorite artists. On the main page you can see various playlists of videos picked by the resource’s staff. It’s a really great website to get to know about all the newly released music.

LiveLeak is a website where you can find videos connected with all the latest news about politics, culture, social news and so on. This is what the major part of the LiveLeak’s videos is about, however they also offer a whole bunch of other entertaining content as well. Users can upload, comment, add videos to favorites and do all the basic activities similar to other video hostings.

Break is a mecca of all types of funny videos. If you’re bored, you can spend a couple of hours here for sure. A huge plus of this video hosting site is that they stream movies for free. All the major activities like uploading, commenting and so on are offered on Break as well. The Viral Videos section will help you to stay tuned to all the biggest videos that are going viral online at the moment.

Netflix is one of the most beloved websites in the world by introverts, singles, TV series fanatics and homebodies. You can watch any TV show you want for as long want. Netflix as a service supports so many various devices so you can watch it basically on everything except for a microwave and toaster. It’s a paid service, but it’s worth every penny.

Each of the described websites has its own major purpose and each of them is better at some things than others. The list of video sharing websites is actually a lot bigger, but we decided to highlight the most significant ones in this niche.

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