Funniest YouTube Channels

Funniest YouTube ChannelsSince YouTube debuted in 2005, it has been the go-to platform for video bloggers, streamers, and other visual content creators. Since Google stepped in and bought the platform in 2006, YouTube has gone from strength to strength. Millions of videos are uploaded each year and stars have been made on the platform.
YouTube has made some people rich and turned them into bona fide celebrities. In terms of comedy, there is something for everyone. No longer are videos amateurish and cheap. Professional content creators spend a lot of time and money on creating and editing videos to rival TV shows in terms of quality.
There are many comedy channels on YouTube and, of course, humor is a very subjective thing. However, we trawled through many comedy channels to find the best. We tried to find different types of content creators who put a comedic slant on what they publish, from dedicated comedy channels to social commentators and film analysts to make the list of the funnies YouTube channels 2018.
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Top 5 Games for iPhone and iPad 2018

Top 5 Games for iPhone and iPad 2018 Welcome to a world of complete subjectivity. There are literally hundreds of thousands of iPad and iPhone games on Apple’s App Store, crossing all genres, from small developers to global publishers. In other words, your five best iPhone games may be entirely different to the next person’s. In fact, that is almost certainly the case.
Still, we wanted to tackle this subject and show you what we think are the five best iOS games. Of course, this could have been as easy as heading to the App Store charts and seeing which titles are currently topping them.
There are so many games to go through that we tried to cover different genres and even throw in a relatively hidden gem.
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10 Best VR games of 2018

10 Best VR games of 2018Head mounted displays (HMDs) are becoming increasingly popular as a wealth of virtual reality content continues to come from developers. Gaming is one of the most exciting aspects of VR, with the ability to plunge users into truly immersive and interactive environments.
The real truth is the VR gaming market is so rich at the moment that this list could include 10 different games and still be impressive. Equally, picking a de facto number one game was tough because we love all of the VR games listed below. However, we have selected titles based on how immersive they are – something we think is really important in VR. Additionally, we tried to include high-concept games that need PC or console power and smaller games that run on mobile. From indie gems to full titles from major publishers, it’s all here. Please note that you’ll need a decent VR headset to enjoy all the virtual reality games listed below though.
Perhaps the real takeaway from the best VR games games of 2018 list is that this is a great place to start. These games represent an excellent place to begin your VR gaming adventure before diving deeper into the hundreds of titles that are now available.
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7 Websites to Play MS DOS Games

7 Websites to Play MS DOS GamesWhen you’re feeling nostalgic, you start thinking how awesome it was some time ago – the grass was greener, the sun was shining brighter, and everything was just better for some reason. When we young adults were kids, we didn’t have all the fancy devices with sleek intuitive interfaces that are around today. Instead, we had MS DOS, which was pretty monstrous; however, it was magical for us since it was a computer that had very cool (at that time) animated games. If you are ready for some quality time waste and want to play these classic MS DOS games today, check out our list of websites that offer you this amazing opportunity.
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9 Cool Gadgets to Digitize Your Home

9 Cool Gadgets to Digitize Your HomeHome is where your phone’s charger is – this joke is definitely an up-to-date one. Thanks to the constant progress in modern technologies, even your home can become more digital and futuristic. There are so many cool electronic gadgets that you can stock your home with that it might turn out looking like one from the future. It’s a great idea to pamper yourself with some very cool home gadgets. In this article, we have listed 9 awesome gadgets and devices that you need right now for your home to make it more digital and, of course, cozy.
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Best TV Shows to Binge Watch: Post – GOT Survival Guide

Best TV Shows to Binge WatchNow, when you know that John Snow is not a bastard, Daenerys is heading to rock Westeros and Arya is doing just fine, there’s a whole year ahead before we get to know what happens next. No need to panic and wonder what to do with your life, as there are more awesome TV series’ you can binge watch to make this year of waiting for the seventh season of Game of Thrones pass by faster. We made a list of multi-season TV shows that can keep you occupied for hours. Take a look at our list of the best TV shows to binge watch.
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The Evolution of Christmas Gift Giving: Gadgets and Devices [Infographic]

Not everyone knows that the tradition of giving Christmas presents originated in Ancient Rome. From epoch to epoch, the variety of the most desirable gifts has changed over time. However, a cool gadget has always been a great present.

We got curious what kinds of devices were in favor in ancient times through the 1920s, ’60s, ’70s, 80’s, 90s, 2000s and how much they would differ from Christmas presents in 2016.

Here is our vision of the Christmas gifts evolution from Ancient Rome through today. Let us know in the comments if you received any of the listed items or share what gifts you remember from years gone by.
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Horror Movies to Watch on Halloween

Horror Movies to Watch on HalloweenThis week is all about Halloween; everybody is totally into celebrating this creepy holiday and getting ready to win the best costume prize, and trick or treat their way to the top. Another great way to feel the Halloween spirit is to watch horror movies, the scarier they are the better. Some movies have become totally iconic with this holiday like the Halloween movie series, and some movies might not turn out to be terrifying at all. We decided to make our own list of our favorite horror movies to watch on Halloween to save you time searching for a decent movie.

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Our Favorite TV Series Computer Geniuses

TV Series Computer GeniusesLately, watching all sorts of TV series has become very popular. There are TV series that have already become legendary, like Game of Thrones, Friends, Lost and many others; there are sitcoms that can make you laugh regardless of your mood like Modern family or The Big Bang Theory and there are fantasy series that can take you away to other worlds like Grimm or Once Upon a Time. We all choose different series’ to follow, however there is one thing that is common to everyone: we all love the protagonists that remind us of ourselves the most. That’s why today we have decided to speak about our favorite computer geniuses from TV series’ that our team follows.
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Cool Gadgets You Need Right Now

Cool GadgetsHow many hours do you usually spend at your computer? The answer is probably way too much. Computers have become not only our helpers and substitution of typing machines, but they have evolved into integral parts of our lives. You are not a top shelf journalist if you don’t wish for the latest Mac model, you are not a programmer if you are comfortable with working on a single monitor, you are not a gamer if you don’t nag that your computer is constantly too slow for your awesome gaming skills. Today, computers are so much more than a big grey box with an even bigger grey box with a monitor on top. We have collected all the cool gadgets for your computer to make it even more personal and pleasant for you to work at.
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