How to Combine PDF Files

How to Combine PDF FilesIf you don’t know how to combine PDF files yet, we got you. PDF files are robust documents that can contain any content from images and text to graphs, and data. This file type is one of the most widely used for the transfer of information over the Internet.

Using PDF documents can be tricky, however. Whilst there are many tools for viewing PDF files, editing, exporting, and combining PDF files can be a difficult task. In this article, we look specifically at ways to merge PDF as this is one area that is often unknown.

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How to Send Large Files

How to Send Large FilesIf you’re now wondering how to send large files then most likely you’re stuck and can’t send files due to their size. Picture the scene – you have just composed the perfect email. It is exactly what you wanted to say, and you are confident it will achieve the desired results. You prepare to send it and attach the accompanying important files.

The files, however, are 250MB total in size. You hit the send button… nothing happens… you wait, and you wait. Still nothing. Eventually, you receive a timeout message – your email cannot be sent as the files are too large!

We have all been in this situation – it is infuriating. Luckily, modern technology has progressed somewhat. There is now a myriad of ways that you can transfer large files, both physically and over the internet. In this article we look at 6 different ways of how to send large files, thus allowing you to conquer the limitations of conventional email!

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How to Download Instagram Videos

How to Download Instagram VideosMost of us know that Instagram is for sharing photos and videos socially through an app for iOS and Android. However, if you want to use the full service on a PC, it takes a process to do a simple task like download Instagram video to your device.

We are not sure why the app makes it so hard to download videos from Instagram, but luckily there is a way you can take Instagram videos and save them to your device. As always on iOS and Android, there are Instagram video downloader apps that can solve your problems, and in this guide we will show you how to easily save Instagram videos to your Android device or iPhone.

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How to mine Ethereum for beginners

How to mine Ethereum Throughout the start of 2018, the value of cryptocurrency like Ethereum and Bitcoin soared as digital currency becomes a real financial market. The revolution has mostly been driven by committed ‘miners,’ people who build high-performance PCs capable of processing data blocks from complex algorithms to mine Ethereum and other types of cryptocurrency.
However, a super-powered machine is not necessarily needed for cryptocurrency mining as numerous online sources have opened that allow people to rent processor power. That said, many people will already have home computer equipment powerful enough for the job, so there’s no reason not to mine Ethereum yourself.
Mining pools allow users to group machine resources and share the rewards for creating currency. There are numerous mining pools that are worth checking out, such as Ethermine, Ethpool, f2pool, Ethfans, and DwarfPool. If you are planning on mining several cryptocurrencies, MinerGate is a good choice as it also pools Bitcoin, Zcash, Monero, and other currencies.
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How to Scan QR Code with iPhone or iPad

How to Scan QR Code with iPhone or iPadQR codes are a thing again. Once very popular, people stopped using QR codes before a resurgence over the last year saw the digital information labels become important again. Android tablets and smartphones have been able to scan QR code for years, but Apple was behind the curve. Indeed, it’s only recently Cupertino added the functionality to iPhones and iPads with the release of iOS 11.
If you are not running that iOS version because your device is not compatible, there is no in-built way to scan QR code. That may be a problem because the codes are useful for a lot of things, including buying tickets, finding contact info, viewing links, and more. In this guide, we will show you the two very easy ways to unlock the power of QR code scanning on your iPhone or iPad.
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How to Post on Instagram from PC

How to Post on Instagram from PCIf you have ever visited Instagram on the web, then you will know you cannot upload a photo. The Facebook-owned service points users toward the Android or iOS mobile apps for image sharing. Many thought the situation was remedied when an official Windows 10 Instagram app launched in 2016. However, the app was almost redundant as it also lacked the ability to upload an image to the social network.
A lack of PC uploading is a pain, especially as some users may want to upload photos that are not on their smartphones, or perform robust editing on Photoshop before posting.
Yes, the official path to Instagram photo uploading on PCs is closed, but there are always welcome unofficial methods. All the techniques revolve around essentially tricking Instagram into thinking the uploaded image is coming from a mobile device and not a PC. There are three ways to do this, so check them out below.
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How to Overclock Your CPU

How to Overclock Your CPUYou may have heard of the term overclocking your CPU or PC. This is essentially increasing the multiplier of the CPU so that the processor runs faster and speeds up the computer. However, overclocking is not without risks, and beginners should know it can be expensive and time-consuming to fix problems. That’s because overclocking is rarely only about increasing the multiplier of a CPU; it also involves changing voltage settings, managing heat, and tweaking fan rotation velocity.
Heat is arguably the most important consideration when overclocking a CPU. It’s a simple concept: the more voltage you run through components to make them faster, the more heat they generate. In turn, the more heat, the more chance of the components running too hot. Increasing voltage may only get you so far as PC components will only handle so much extra voltage before they start to have detrimental effects.
So, overclocking to increase performance could result in worse performance if not done properly. Performance drops could include reduced frame rates for GPUs, corrupt processes, and boot issues. There are certainly benefits to overclocking. Done correctly, you will be able to get the maximum possible performance from your CPU. Here’s how to get your overclocking adventure underway.
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How to Convert PDF to Word Online

How to Convert PDF to Word OnlinePDF format is one of those formats for which you need specific software or services to process it according to your needs. Thus, many users who work with this format tend to convert it to other formats, like DOC, which can be edited and viewed on practically any device. We previously wrote a tutorial about converting scanned PDF to Word. In today’s article we will share a guide on how to convert regular PDF files into editable Word documents online for free, without any downloads. Read on to learn how to do it in just three easy steps.
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How to Resize Images for iPhone 7 Plus

How to Resize Images for iPhone 7 PlusPlenty of modern smartphone users ditch all their devices like laptops, tablets, digital cameras, portable media players etc., as in the majority of cases, it is sufficient to have one smartphone to fulfill all types of daily tasks. One of the most popular smartphones is an iPhone. A lot of people tend to have the latest version of the iPhone and prefer to use it for multiple purposes. Storing images is definitely one such purpose. iPhones, as well as many other smartphones, have a specific screen resolution, and that’s why it’s great to have your images resized to fit that resolution. Below, you can find three-steps instructions on how to resize images for iPhone 7 Plus.
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