5 Ways to Record Streaming Video

5 Ways to Record Streaming VideoStreaming content has become hugely popular, and many of us now consume most of our entertainment from streaming services. Whether you watch Netflix, follow content creators on YouTube, or watch your favorite gamers play the latest Triple A titles, whatever you love to watch, sometimes you need to record streaming video. The best way to do that is by using a screen recording software.
There are literally hundreds of alternatives on the market, but some programs that can record streaming video are more suited to recording streams than others. We have checked through numerous services to find the best ones for recording streamed content.
All of our choices can be used for free and feature powerful tools. Our list of the best streaming video recorders compiles the top solutions to make your recording experience as smooth as possible.
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5 Best Free Video Editing Software of 2018

Free Video Editing SoftwareWhether you’re producing a YouTube video or delving into the world of movies, you will need a robust video editing software to complete your work. No quality video survives without a slick editing process, so finding the right program for the job is essential. While editing itself is time-consuming, a good suite of tools can make the process easy and fun.
There is a misconception that editing a video requires spending huge amounts of money on an expensive video editing suite. However, that’s not the case; some of the most famed Hollywood movies have been edited on free software. Simply put, video editing does not have to be expensive with the best free video editing software of 2018.
Whether you just want to merge an audio track with a video or edit a multi-scene, multi-camera production, our choices for the video editing programs will get the job done. We have sorted through the competition to find the top five video editors that truly stand out because of their powerful features and availability.
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5 Best Free Slideshow Software 2018

Best Slideshow SoftwareSlideshows are an important tool for many people, whether you’re putting together a business presentation, a photo collection for family, a simple slideshow with music or something else. Whatever your need, a slideshow software that delivers professional and high-quality results will be something you will want to use.
Luckily, there are numerous slideshow makers available in 2018, running on Windows, Mac, mobile, and even the web. We have tested some of the leading names in the field to find the very best slideshow software currently available. From completely free slideshow creators to premium programs and everything in between, we have you covered.
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Best Laptops for College

Best Laptops for CollegeWhen sitting down to decide which are the best laptops for college students, we wanted to consider some things that other articles usually ignore. Firstly, what exactly do college students need and how much money do they have to spend? Most guides of best laptops for college are littered with expensive machines and only a few cheap laptops, which is fantastic for art, design, and tech students, but not for those who just wants a machine for simple note-taking and word processing.
Another thing to consider was laptop platforms. There are now three main platforms on the market: Microsoft’s Windows, Apple’s Mac, and Google’s Chromebooks. They all have good and bad points. Chrome is suited to lightweight workloads, while Windows is fantastic for full desktop capabilities on a portable machine. Mac tries to tread a line between the two.
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Best Laptop Backpacks of 2018

Best Laptop Backpacks of 2018For many laptop owners, their device is amongst their most important possessions, and also among their most expensive. Laptops are not cheap, and people rely on them for work, college, gaming or even just entertainment.
Whether you have a tiny 11-inch 2-in-1 or a massive 17-inch workstation, the best way to protect your laptop when moving around is with a laptop backpack. Whether you’re commuting to work or walking with friends on a college campus, having a good laptop bag can keep your device safe and secure, while also keeping you comfortable.
Of course, looking stylish is also important, which is why we have included all main the factors into looking for the best laptop backpack. We looked for products that are comfortable to wear, have good storage for laptops, and even look good. From expensive models to wallet-friendly backpacks, our guide has something for everyone.
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Top 5 Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Top 5 Robot Vacuum CleanersCleaning the house is not entertainment for most of us, which is why it is called a chore. While technology cannot make the bed in the mornings or sort the laundry, it can help us to put the a robot vacuum cleaner around. In recent years, automatic vacuum cleaners have become increasingly popular, but in fact these devices have been available for over 20 years.
Either way, with a robot vacuum, you can sit back and let tech do the hard work for you. When deciding which robot vacuum to buy, there are many things to consider. Of course, cost is important, but so are features like cleaning capabilities, navigation, links to smart home devices, smartphone integration, and bin size.
We have run our critical eye over some of the best robot vacuum devices on the market to find which ones are the top ones. From hugely expensive to affordable, our list has the best automatic vacuum cleaners available.
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Best Free Website Builders of 2018

Best Free Website BuildersSocial media has transformed the way businesses and individuals connect online, but the truth is that having a website is still the best way to reach out to people. A professional-looking website can help you sell products or talk about yourself in an engaging way, giving visitors a place they want to return to time and time again.
Traditionally, to achieve a professional-level website, you would need to pay a lot of money. However, that is no longer the case as free website builder services have improved greatly in recent years. Gone are the services that were slow, limited in features, and stifling in performance. Modern free website builders provide professional tools, massive amounts of free hosting space, and desktop-to-mobile compatibility.
There are literally hundreds of free website building services on the market, and choosing the right one can be hard. Luckily we have done the hard work for you so you don’t have to. Our list of the best free website builders of 2018 includes services that come with all the leading features. SEO optimization, sleek templates, mobile editing, and site analytics are all available in the following services.
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5 Best Portable Chargers for Your Devices

5 Best Portable ChargersSmartphone technology is a constantly moving development of innovation and breakthroughs. From mobile processors to screens and designs, handsets are evolving at a rapid rate. However, while that is happening, battery technology has been more stagnant with progress incremental and slow.
That means the leading smartphones are loaded with technology that will barely get you through a day of use on your battery. Over the last few years, portable charger devices have become more popular to extend the battery capabilities of smartphones, tablets, and even laptops.
We tested some of the leading power bank solutions on the market to find the best portable charger available today. From ultra-portable units for one or two re-charges, to bulky bricks that charge multiple devices, to those in-between solutions that hit a nice sweet spot, we took into account numerous factors, such as design and portability, battery capacity, the ability to charge multiple devices, quick charging, and more.
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Best GPS Tracker for Dogs of 2018

Best GPS Tracker for DogsEvery dog owner knows that our four-legged friends truly become part of the family; the thought of losing our beloved pets is a horrible one. Animals are naturally inquisitive and dogs can wander off and get lost no matter how careful you are and how well trained your pooch is. However, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, finding a lost dog is not something you need to worry about.
While radio trackers have helped keep tabs on dogs for decades, advanced GPS tracking has meant we can now pinpoint lost dogs to their exact location. Think about the best GPS dog tracker as a personal wearable or smartphone for your dog – a way to always stay in contact.
We have tested the leading GPS dog tracker devices to find out which are the very best on the market in 2018. We selected the following trackers because they offer the most accurate location data and provide extra features like waterproofing, smart app integration, LED lights, and geofencing. The latter is a particularly important ability as it allows users to set a perimeter where dogs can stay. If the dog leaves the area, the GPS pet tracker will send a notification to the owner to help them find their dog.
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Best VPN for Torrenting

Best VPN for TorrentingFor many people, torrents are associated with the nefarious activity of downloading copyrighted material online. However, that’s only part of the story as torrents are amazing for downloading anything… yes, including legal content. That’s because torrents allow people to get large files downloaded quickly through many users sharing small parts of the file.
It’s community downloading, but these days doing anything online out in the open is fraught with danger. The core problem with torrents is that you share everything with other users across the Internet, including your IP address. In a world of cybercrime and data theft, protecting your IP address along with maintaining privacy on the Internet in general is hugely important as it could be a gateway for attackers to steal more sensitive data from you.
Naturally, you don’t want that to happen. That’s where VPN services come into the equation, allowing you to mask your IP address and remain private while you download and share torrents. It is worth remembering that not all VPN services support torrent downloading, so we have sifted through the competition to find the best VPN for torrenting.
All of our selections are watertight in terms of security and protection, and they also provide market-leading performance and download speeds.
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