5 Best CCleaner Alternatives in 2021

CCleaner alternativeIf we’re talking about a computer cleaner, we think CCleaner. But is there any decent CCleaner alternative out there? Let’s figure it out!

People use their computers on a daily basis. Like any other tool, it can get dumped with the files of all sort and needs to be cleaned regularly. Small bits of junk data can build up in the operating system of the computer. This causes the computer to slow down and can even create bugs and glitches. If you have been getting random shutdowns or error messages, it’s probably time to clean your PC.

There are a lot of programs that will clean up your computer. This involves deleting leftover temporary files, junk data, cached files, repairing corrupted files, etc. CCleaner is a highly popular utility for doing this, but there have been some privacy issues with it recently. If you are looking for something different, then without any further ado here are the top CCleaner alternatives.

1. Restoro – CCleaner alternative for Windows

Restoro CCleaner alternative

Restoro is an all-in-one alternative to CCleaner that will protect your PC from not just junk data and file corruption, but also act as a substitute anti-virus.

This PC cleaner has a sleek and modern design with an easy-to-navigate interface. Users can view the specs of their PC as well as physical information such as temperature. This is particularly useful if there are viruses or junk software causing your PC to run hotter.

This CCleaner alternative for Windows 10 and earlier versions, has the ability to cleanly uninstall programs and remove left-over cached files, repair missing or corrupted files that could be causing error messages to pop up, detect and stop viruses, and keep the registry cleaned optimized and updated.

You can try out a free trial version of Restoro. The free version has a lot of limitations, while the premium versions cost $29.95 to $59.95 for annual licenses and multiple-device coverage.

OS: Windows
Licensing: One-time use 21.95 USD, yearly subscription starts at 33.95 USD
Our Rating: 9 / 10

Pros Cons
  • CCleaner alternative with attractive and easy-to-use user interface
  • Offers a very thorough PC Scan and Analysis, including information about hardware
  • Full refund guaranteed if it does not improve PC performance for you
  • Does not fix any issues like file corruption in other programs. Only affects Windows
  • Less effective than traditional antivirus software

2. PrivaZer – CCleaner alternative with privacy protection


For those who want a bit more focus on privacy and personal security, PrivaZer is a great free CCleaner alternative. This software has been highly rated by many people.

PrivaZer as a PC cleaner is extremely efficient at deleting old software. In addition to removing cached or temporary leftover files, it can scan the hard drive itself to find any fragments of the software left behind. This alternative to CCleaner also cleans up indexing, hibernation and pre-fetch – all of which are extremely low-level processes that most other cleaners don’t touch.

Other than that, PrivaZer can also delete things in such a way that data recovery software can’t recover them – useful if you will be giving away your PC/Hard Drive. Power users can use a command-line tool to work faster. Best of all, PrivaZer is completely free to use.

OS: Windows
Licensing: Free, donationware
Our Rating: 9 / 10

Pros Cons
  • Free Ccleaner alternative with only a few bonuses for donors
  • Extremely powerful tools for scanning and deleting
  • Removes all trackers and ensures complete privacy
  • Command-line utility tool for power users
  • Not many functions other than deleting files and cleaning the registry
  • Cleaning process can take a long time

3. BleachBit – CCleaner alternative for Windows, Mac OS and Linux

BleachBit PC cleaner

BleachBit is a fully open-source PC cleaner and file deletion utility. Basically, when you want something gone from your system completely, BleachBit is the way to go, no hidden files will be left.

This exact CCleaner alternative is packed with features, such as clearing memory files and fixing broken shortcuts, optimizing and cleaning out registry keys, reducing the size of databases and caches without actually losing any files. It can even surgically remove data from certain files without actually deleting the files, and make it look like that data never existed.

Unlike most other programs like CCleaner, BleachBit is not just for Windows computers. Linux and Mac users can take advantage of the plethora of features, plus some specific tools like cleaning package data and swap files.

OS: Windows, MacOS, Linux
Licensing: Open-source
Our Rating: 8 / 10

Pros Cons
  • Extremely secure deletion that is irreversible
  • Packed full of features for power users
  • CCleaner alternative that works on Linux and Mac OS, which is quite rare
  • A lot of features are extremely complicated. Hard to use if you’re not a power user
  • Missing some functions like antivirus and optimizing computer running speed

4. Clean Master – freemium CCleaner alternative

Clean Master

Clean Master is a modern and attractive alternative to CCleaner. It has all the features you could want from a basic PC cleaner.

For starters, Clean Master can clear junk files automatically on a regular basis to speed up your computer, as well as remove privacy trackers and other problematic software. This software like CCleaner also has three additional features like a Driver Booster, which automatically downloads and installs the latest drivers for your peripherals. If your graphics card or audio is not working properly, try using this.

It can both delete and restore files too (though not the same files!) The File Recovery feature can restore files that were deleted improperly, while the File Shredder eliminates files beyond recovery. Unfortunately these features are hidden behind the paywall.

OS: Windows
Licensing: Free limited version; 3 months subscription starts at 15.9 USD.
Our Rating: 8 / 10

Pros Cons
  • Ccleaner alternative with attractive and modern user interface
  • Has all the useful functions to speed up a PC without overloading users
  • Easy to set up regular cleaning processes
  • Lacks some advanced features other tools have
  • File recovery is not as effective as proper file recovery software

5. Advanced SystemCare Free – advanced CCleaner alternative

Advanced Systemcare

IObit’s Advanced SystemCare is one of the most sophisticated solutions for cleaning and optimizing your PC.

The basic features for cleaning junk files, deleting privacy trackers, cleaning and optimizing the registry are here in this CCleaner alternative. And it also includes a built-in Antivirus system, as well as a tool to optimize your network speeds and speed up your internet.

If you aren’t sure what would help speed up your PC , you can use the AI Mode instead. This PC cleaner’s AI will scan your computer and try to detect what problems there are.

This alternative to CCleaner is available for free, but upgrading to the premium version unlocks plenty of features such as additional health checks, deeper cleaning, network optimization, and so on. The premium version costs $29.99 annually, with major discounts and a 60-day refund guaranteed!

OS: Windows
Licensing: Free limited version; yearly subscription starts at 16.77 USD.
Our Rating: 8 / 10

Pros Cons
  • Lots of features packed in with an easy-to-use user interface
  • AI Mode helps users find problems they might not have noticed by themselves
  • Lots of tools for optimizing and speeding up your internet, startup, hardware, etc.
  • Typically discounted down to 60% of the original price
  • Cannot select which files to delete and which files to keep
  • IOBits tries to promote their other software too much

In this article we reviewed 5 different CCleaner alternatives. Some of them are freemium, some are completely free. The majority of them are for Windows OS only and there’s only 1 option that’s available for other OSs. Some of them have advanced options, some aim at privacy. The choice if the best CCleaner alternative is yours!

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