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Christmas MoviesDuring Christmas Eve, when the whole family gathers together, it is pretty common to watch Christmas and New Year themed movies. As tastes differ, it is not that easy to find a movie that is perfect for everyone. To avoid excessive pillow fights over who is picking what to watch, we’ve chosen 5 major categories of Christmas movies and offered 3 movies to select from in each category. Hopefully, this list of Christmas-themed movies will be helpful for those who want to get inspired by the holiday spirit.

Classic Movies:
Home Alone (7.4 rating on IMDB)
We are 100% sure that this is the first movie that comes to mind when talking about this topic. A large family goes to spend Christmas in Europe and forgets their youngest son, leaving him home alone. The house is about to be robbed, but a brave and sharp boy makes traps for the thieves and protects his home.

Curly Sue (5.6 rating of IMDB)
A charming story about a reckless couple – a girl who lost her mom and a grown-up guy who starts taking care of her. They make their living by feigning small scams until they both meet a woman who changes their lives.

Die Hard 2 (7.1 rating on IMDB)
It is Christmas Eve. Bad guys have taken control of the plane our good old friend John McClane’s wife can’t land. So this brave superhero has to rescue people, the airport and Christmas of course.

Bridget Jones’s Diary (6.7 rating on IMDB)
All by myself, don’t wanna be, all by myself…If you want to increase your self-esteem and get inspiration to start a new life – this is a must see for you. A 30yo woman with some bad habits and extra weight decides to find her prince charming – this movie is about her adventures.

Love Actually (7.7 rating on IMDB)
One of the most touching and sweet movies about different types of love, that makes you believe and witness that love is actually absolutely everywhere. The movie has several stories about love and all of them happen on Christmas Eve.

The Holiday (6.9 rating on IMDB)
A city girl is going to the countryside and a country girl is going to a city to celebrate Christmas. Since they swapped, their lives have changed in a good way and each of them turns out to be happier than they imagined during their holidays.

Bad Santa (7.1 rating on IMDB)
A story about former inmate Willie that plans to rob a mall on Christmas and starts working as Santa Claus there. He meets a chubby boy who changes his life completely and naturally helps Willie to become a much better person.

Elf (6.9 rating on IMDB)
By mistake, a human baby gets into Santa’s bag and grows up among elves. When he turns 30 he decides to explore the human world and find his real parents. In New York City he faces all the difficulties of modern life while he is bringing the real spirit of Christmas back.

A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas (6.3 rating on IMDB)
If White Castle for you is not tiny teeny burgers and pink lemonade but Harold and Kumar – you’ll love this one. Nothing much has changed about the personalities and peculiarities of the lives of these 2 guys, so if you are a fan of comedies with adult humor, go with this movie.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (5.9 rating on IMDB)
In the nice city of Whoville, most people love Christmas, with the exception of their neighbour, the Grinch. This year he decides to get the worst revenge and steal Christmas. While he does his dirty deeds, he meets a girl who believes that there is something good and kind in any person’s heart, even in the Grinch’s one.

The Polar Express (6.6 rating on IMDB)
An animated movie about a boy who was granted a ride on The Polar Express that goes to the North Pole. While he’s on his way, he meets new friends, has many adventures and, of course, learns new lessons. The animation is terrific and all in all it is a fantastic animated film.

A Christmas Carol (6.8 rating on IMDB)
A story about an old, greedy man (to be honest, he is pretty nasty and rude as well) who is visited by Christmas spirits, who decided to end his horrible attitude once and for all. They make this old man reflect about his life and change his attitude towards his deeds and his life priorities.

Four Christmases (5.6 rating on IMDB)
A young couple who is trying to have a pretty effortless lifestyle and usually for Christmas go on vacation to some islands this year has to attend 4 Christmas parties (as their parents are both divorced) in just one single day. This holiday movie has a great sense of humor and an awesome cast.

Fred Claus (5.6 rating on IMDB)
Not everybody knows that Santa has a brother whose name is Fred and they don’t have that much in common. One Christmas, Santa gets in trouble and Fred has to rescue Christmas once he gets back his holiday spirit.

Surviving Christmas (5.2 rating on IMDB)
A lonely well-off guy who has no plans of company for Christmas decides to visit the house where he spent his childhood (where now complete strangers are living). He enjoys his stay so much that he pays these people to spend the holidays with him like a family, and of course, nothing goes smoothly.

Whichever movie you choose from this list, remember, that on Christmas Eve it is much more important with whom you are watching something rather than what you are watching. Get inspired by the spirit of the holidays with any film from our list.

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