The Evolution of Christmas Gift Giving: Gadgets and Devices [Infographic]

Not everyone knows that the tradition of giving Christmas presents originated in Ancient Rome. From epoch to epoch, the variety of the most desirable gifts has changed over time. However, a cool gadget has always been a great present.

We got curious what kinds of devices were in favor in ancient times through the 1920s, ’60s, ’70s, 80’s, 90s, 2000s and how much they would differ from Christmas presents in 2016.

Here is our vision of the Christmas gifts evolution from Ancient Rome through today. Let us know in the comments if you received any of the listed items or share what gifts you remember from years gone by.

Christmas Presents Evolution INFOGRAPHIC
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5 thoughts on “The Evolution of Christmas Gift Giving: Gadgets and Devices [Infographic]

  1. Interesting collection. Good to know when technology got released. I wouldn’t have thought of microwave ovens being available in the 1960s; they probably weren’t commonplace until the 1970s – and now many interested in being healthy haven’t used them for decades.

    I had that exact pager in the 1970s and that Nokia phone, too. It was probably the third phone I ever had and a lot smaller than those big earlier phones. Pagers and phones were rare when I got the first one and even the second one. People used to ask me if I was a doctor or a detective.

    In 1984 I had one of the very first devices with a keyboard that could send messages across the country to another device of the same type within IBM. I remember the year because those of us working at the 1984 Olympics got them first. They weighed 2.2 lbs and were the predecessors to a Blackberry (which did not work nearly as well).

  2. Great infographic! It really brings back memories. I used to have an Atari 1600. I remember having that pager. Remember the codes we had to use like 911 and 69, lol. I had like 3 of those Nokia phones. I have a Wii. I have a PlayStation 3. I have an Android, lol. I want to get a drone.

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